Leadership – Ender’s Game Essay

A few things that I found that made him a good leader was his willingness to sacrifice. At the very beginning, he chooses to leave behind Valentine, the person closest to him, to go off and train to become a leader.

Later on, when commanding the other boys on the simulator, Petra collapses, and he realizes that he pushed her too hard. He then uses less experienced members to allow others to have ample rest, at the cost of his own sanity. Another aspect that made Ender a good leader was his drive to be, not only good, but also superior.When he confided in Bean, he stated that he felt he could not lose any of the battles, for some reason that he did not reveal. This drive was so ingrained in Ender’s personality that he either did not understand it himself, or was so personal that he didn’t wish to reveal it to even his closest companions. This gave Ender a certain fervor that obviously boosted the rest of his army, and they too came to realize that being good was not enough; they had to be superior–untouchable. Ender was also very compassionate, and observant despite his demanding nature.An example would be the way that he dealt with Bean.

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Despite his harsh treatment early on, he watched Bean, and helped him to develop into a better soldier, forcing him to prove himself. Eventually, Bean became a confidant, and Ender could very easily call on and trust in Bean, just as Bean, as well as all the other soldiers, could trust Ender to lead them to victory and prepare them for whatever a different army threw at them. Since he was a child he always took things into his own hands, being in charge of his life.At battle school he was always trying new things and leading the other students into a new way of fighting. He sacrifices his childhood and innocence to save the worlds welfare and lead to a better future.

And of course how he always stands up for himself against bullies. Showing that he’ll lead his own life and now one can get in his way. Ender always thought “outside the box”.

He looked at the riddles in his game without any prejudices or common paradigms. Ender was training as a super virtual war general. By the nature of the word GENERAL, you have one major aspect of LEADERSHIP.

The twist in Ender’s Game is that, his training was always presumed to be a war game, or a hypothetical simulation, but in fact as well see at the end, he was REALLY fighting, hence his leadership aspects were real, and being battlefield tested. Actually, he wasn’t a general, but a lower level commander, but still, the same thing about leadership applied. Ender was sometimes defiant to his superiors, especially with the anonymous political manipulation of the message boards. Defiance, although contrary to military command, is sometimes a necessary trait for innovative war strategies. In such a way, Ender could be portrayed as a true leader.


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