Language in Proferssionalism Essay

In my essay I will explain how language and grammar can have a big effect on your image in the medical practice you’ll be working in. Language and grammar has a big part of your career because they are used for communication.

In the medical field communication is very important because if you can’t communicate effectively then you can’t structure your sentences correctly. As a future healthcare provider, we need use correct grammar because when talking to a patient it is essential. You wouldn’t want to be speaking & not make sense to your audience because the grammar you use is incorrect.Someone who has good grammar is an effective communicator because they are able to catch on to social rules that help them communicate. Language can affect your image in the medical field too; simply because you have to be careful what type of language you may use in your career. Foreign languages can affect your image if you aren’t bilingual because you can’t talk to your patients who don’t understand English well. The type of language you use in the medical office can be harmful to others emotionally.

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For example, when you’re talking to a patient you should not use profanity if you become upset because that really turns your image into a bad one. Your language can affect your image in more ways than one. For instance, the type of language you use can have a positive or negative influence on your career in your medical office. As I mention earlier in my essay, language & grammar are important forms of communication.

When talking to your supervisor you wouldn’t be taken seriously if you are using slang or Ebonics.This only makes your image look terrible and may make your boss think twice about keeping you apart of his or her staff. Language can refer to many different things such as the way you talk or converse with someone, what type of language you use, and how good you incorporate grammar well in your language. Earlier I mentioned slang in the medical field can affect your image.

Next I will explain how body gestures are tied into professionalism. Improper body language or gestures can make your image in the medical office look very poorly.Gestures and body language can be used as communication just as effectively as words can. In your career, messages aren’t only communicated through words but through your body language or gesture also. If your body language is poor, you may give your patient the idea that you don’t want to be at work, or be bothered at the moment.

Slang is a big part of your image in the medical office because it shows exactly the type of grammar you my use. In professionalism proper English shows that you were taught good grammar in school, and also that you understand professional protocols.In concluding my essay I want to say that grammar, language, slang, and body gestures can all have an effect on your image in the medical field. The reason is because these components will be the deciding factor if the patient would want to return to your medical office.

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Stop slingin’ slang! prospects and clients leary of loose langu read more: http://www. articlesbase. com/ethics-articles/stop-slingin-slang-prospects-and-clients-leary-of-loose-language-266174.



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