Kudlers Fine Foods Essay

Kudler Fine Foods was founded in June 1998 by Kathy Kudler. Kudler Fine Foods is a store that provides gourmet, imported, and domestic foods and products. The main concern is how Kudler Fine Foods can increase profit and customer loyalty through sales and marketing strategies.

Some strategies are special programs that include cost cutting initiatives, frequent shopper program, direct mailing program, and to create a customer relationship to achieve the best results. Kudler Fine Food wants to strengthen customer trust and value and building loyalty to increase higher product sales.In this paper will discuss the potential legal, ethical, and information security concerns related to the development of the Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program. Kudler Fine Foods: Potential Legal Issues Kudler Fine Foods has three locations and each location need to comply to the state laws and regulations. Kudler Fine Foods is operating as a specialty food store, this organization need to follow these rules and regulations to assist with avoiding lawsuits and how the use of compliance database can assist with legal liabilities.Product liability is a major concern with any food chain. Product Liability Product liability is the responsibility of the vendor or manufacturer of goods (food products) to compensate for injury by defective products that was provided for sale.

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Individuals who consume and are harmed by unsafe products can have a “Cause of Action” lawsuit against the organization that created, manufactured, furnished, or sold the product (“Product Liability”, 2012). Kudler Fine Foods falls in this category as this organization sells food products and ships products.If the food is delivered is bad and makes the consumer or customer sick and has to be taken to the hospital, the customer could have a “Cause of Action” lawsuit against Kudler Fine Foods, where Kudler Fine Foods would be liable for any injuries. Kudler Fine Foods products are subjected to product liability from product defects, contaminated food, and supplies.

Any products that can cause serious harm or dangerous side effects are considered a product liability. Product liability can range from different products as in goods or materials and is the responsibility of the organization to make sure that the risk of a iability is kept minimal. Fines can run from thousands of dollars and up; depending on the lawsuit and damage done to the individual that bought the product. Kudler Fine Foods: Ethical Issues Ethical issues can become a major issue, and it is the manager’s responsibility to ensure proper training to his or her employees about ethics.

Many people do not know what ethic or ethical means, and this can become a major liability to the organization. What is considered right or wrong within the company, customers, and vendors? Is the customer always right?Many questions apply to ethics and acquiring the right training on how to be ethical can assist Kudler Fine Foods employees, managers, and even the owner. Employees at Kudler Fine Foods must meet certain criteria to make sure the organization is not in a legal liability. First employees need treat customers and vendors equally, not to be racial, not to be vulgar with an anger customer, and when the situation has escalated to involve the manager right away. Another ethical issue is using the company’s equipment correctly and not abusing the company’s policy and procedures.Many employees might not be trustworthy working with credit card information on an order and might steal the card number to order personal items for themselves charging to the customer’s credit card bill.

This can cause a lawsuit more on the individual who stole the card number than the company, but it will involve the company within the lawsuit that can damage the organization’s name. Surfing the Internet for personal use at work is unethical and needs to be addressed properly by management, but this is not as serious as stealing information the individual might lose his or her job.Fines and jail time can be the result of unethical issues involving stealing information. Kudler Fine Foods: Information Security Information security covers many departments like Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, IT (information technology) department, and security department.

Each department plays a major role in information security, protecting employees, clients, and vendors information. Kudler Fine Foods need to provide correct information as in payroll, expenses, revenue, and outgoing billing invoices to customers and vendors.The IT group is responsible that the online system and software is working properly for internal and external users. Security department is in charge to make sure all employees are aware of security breaches as in e-mails not to open that could cause a virus and to watch the operating systems to make sure no hackers can steal information from the company. Security also has to watch activities within the company as internal users that they do not share private documents or information to another source outside of the company.Management and human resources need to supply the training to employees so they will know what is considered as a breach in security.

One example is providing details to a non-contact on a client’s invoice, order, or providing contact details to the non-contact. This issue could lead the company into a huge legal battle as the information is confidential and should not be shared to anyone besides the contacts on the account. Conclusion Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program is a wonderful way to build clientele, but there are many gaps that could lead to a lawsuit if the management and employees are not trained properly.Product liability is the highest as the company is shipping products, such as foods to customers and vendors. Kudler Fine Foods need to acquire a statement if the shipment takes longer than 24 hours for delivery could cause the product not to be good if it is a frozen food product or fresh. Ethical issues is more for employees dealing with customers in person or over the phone, as some customers might get irate and lead to an argument.

Security breach is another issue that all employees need to follow the state law and company’s policy and procedures.Each of these areas can cost Kudler Fine Foods a lawsuit that can cost the company thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the situation.ReferencesProduct Liability. (2012). Retrieved from http://legaldictionary.

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