Know the Health and Safety Policies and Procedures of the Work Setting Essay

CU1512: Contribute to Children and Young People’s Health and Safety 1. Know the wellness and safety policies and processs of the work puting 1.

2 Identify the lines of duty and describing for wellness and safety in the work puting. In my work puting the duty of guaranting that the wellness and safety is suited is down to the director chiefly. Although all members of staff should ever be cognizant and checking every bit good.

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If a member of staff does happen something that is non following to wellness and safety so said member of staff should so describe this to the director or the deputy manager/room leader if necessary. 1. 3 Explain what hazard appraisal is and how this is managed in the work scenes. A hazard appraisal is set in topographic point for the protection of kids. parents and staff from any jeopardies. Hazards can happen from equipment.

any activities done in the baby’s room. stuff and traveling on trips from the baby’s room.Making a hazard appraisal in the baby’s room scene minimizes the hazard of jeopardies happening.

However. when making a hazard appraisal you must besides see children’s development. You don’t want the environment to be excessively safe because kids need some degree of hazard but these degree must be suited for the kid. There are many hazards and jeopardies that can be found in a nursery scene. A hazard is something that hasn’t yet happened but could potentially and so would go a jeopardy. A jeopardy is something that already exists and can already do injury. In the hazard appraisal there is a list of things that need to be checked to see if they are risky or a hazard.

If they are. so farther actions would necessitate to be taken to forestall either the hazard going a jeopardy or the hazard causation any injury. For an illustration. if it was a cold twenty-four hours and there is a drain pipe running following to an entrance/exit there is a hazard of the H2O turning to frost hence this is a hazard and the H2O should either me redirected or a mark to admit other people of the hazard. Otherwise this could turn into a jeopardy. This would go on by the H2O really turning into ice.

hence. there is a opportunity of person slipping. If this was to go on so the country should be corned off and a notice put up to do certain people are cognizant of the state of affairs. To assist forestall injury.

it is the employees of the work puting duty to finish a cheque list every forenoon. This could be anything from a broken plaything. to a leak or loose flooring. If a jeopardy or a hazard has been found. so the employee must follow the right process to forestall anything go oning anybody. Throughout the twenty-four hours. all employees must besides continually do cheques particularly when traveling into another puting. such as a garden or go forthing the edifice.

If it is a hazard or jeopardy that can’t be dealt with by the employee so it must be cornered off so it is restricted and so reported to the wellness and safety officer.


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