Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Knotweed: Ecology and Overwhelmingly Lacking Solution Essay

Knotweed: Ecology and Overwhelmingly Lacking Solution Essay

In response to this article I would have to say that it is quite an unprepared protestor unknowing of his own stupidity. He calls out the scientists fighting the overgrowth of this knotweed saying this and that, with reasonable arguments in my opinion, but then concludes with an overwhelmingly lacking solution of his own. John Stahl states, “I’m not sure how good knotweed will be as a paper source but it doesn’t matter.” Let’s review John’s solution . John’s solution was to use knotweed as a paper source, yet he does not even know if it is in any sense an effective paper-producing resource other than the idea that it holds plenty of cellulose. Instead he uses examples of other plants that are useful in paper production, which have nothing to do with knot weed. He actually strays off topic a couple of times. Once with a discussion of mosquitoes and another with questions of God. And though I can tell his motives are honest with a great deal of emotional relevance, I do not see much as to logic or preparation into the essay.

As far as the other side of the argument goes I would have to disagree with them and agree more with John’s view of its hindrance on the environment (not John’s solution.) Breeding a new population of insects that have the ability to drain the fluids from plants and then introducing them to the environment to roam freely is an incredible risk that could have absolutely catastrophic affects on the world! These things may be able to breed and, as John said, may end up moving on to other biological organisms as soon as it runs out of knotweed to feast on. We just do not have any sort of control when it comes to inventing new life forms and throwing them into the earth ecological balance. We are not God but we are certainly capable of destroying our planet. Though I will add, with credit to John’s idea, that a small sterile population of male insects would be a far better resolution. Though still not without its risks all the same.

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In conclusion I will have to disagree with both parties. The thought of adding a new species of insect into the environment with such stated capabilities is far too risky. The idea of using knotweed as an alternative to trees for producing paper is a very clever idea, but lack of data and research presented gives inconclusive results.