Khushwant Singh’s “The Wog” Essay

Khushwant Singh’s narrative entitled “The Wog” is a word picture of Indian civilization. Indian’s tradition was simply focused on the faith and cultural composing of their society. Every action must be granted by their Supreme beings. This is symbolisation of conservativism and illiteracy non literally but through the emotions and psychological fortunes of the supporter.In this narrative.

the chief character had a difficult clip thought of his matrimony life. He truly does non desire to acquire marry because harmonizing to the Vedas. matrimony is the 3rd of all the four degrees that they obtained during their life-time. Sen. the chief character felt this sort of scenario that he is non old plenty to confront a new beginning – the 3rd portion of his life because it means that his decease become nearer.However. his bride is the most aroused individual of all.

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She loved Sen so much that is why she is willing to accept everything about him. This narrative besides showed how a adult female was portrayed in the society of India. Man is the operator of everything while the adult female will stay to her hubby and will give up everything for him.Based on my apprehension to the text. I have seen that the narrative made a important point of position towards the issue of civilization.

faith. and society in India. It is a word picture of values and personalities that people should necessitate to understand in an Indian.

In the beginning of the narrative. Singh exhaustively described the scene through the constitution of the characters. The struggle of the narrative is that Sen does non desire to acquire married at his age. As a declaration at the terminal. I have seen that the writer resolved the struggle.

She lets her character face his fright and torment. She conveyed in her narrative how a adult male should be portrayed in the society – fearless and masculine.MentionSingh. K. The Wog. pp.



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