KEYWORD(S): your hot tub. Furthermore, in choosing

KEYWORD(S):Portable Hot Tub, Hot TubYou don’t need a complicatedinflatable hot tub buyers’ guide to be able to choose the kind that suits yourpurpose. However, naturally, you’d like to know a couple of things beforesettling for your portable hot tub.SizeSize is a factor you shouldconsider before buying your inflatable hot tub. What size you should settle forwould be determined by how many persons you intend for your hot tub toaccommodate at a time.

The more people you intendfor your inflatable hot tub to hold, the larger the size you should go for, andthe more money you should be prepared to shell out.SpaceInflatable hot tubs have theincredible advantages of being easily carried around and being used outdoors aswell as indoors. However, your portable hot tub would require more space onceit’s inflated for use. Even some of the smallesthot tubs, when inflated, are not less than 180 cm in width. If all you have is spaceenough for something that wide, then you’re good to go for any of the smallersizes.

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It goes without saying thatthe bigger inflatable hot tubs will require more space than that.PositioningYour inflatable hot tub, asyou very likely already know, would require a power source. So where you planon placing it should have a plug socket. For folks who might want to use theirinflatable hot tubs outdoors, the tub should be strategically positioned tomake electrification possible, easy and safe. Extension leads aren’trecommended. Therefore, the hot tub should be placed close to a door or windowthrough which it can be connected to a power source.

Some people may wish to taketheir portable hot tubs with them for camping and other outdoor activities farfrom home. The kind of inflatable hot tub that’s best suited for suchactivities is one with a water heater coil combo.PunctureInflatable hot tubs are madeof very tough materials. However, there are tougher materials out there thatcan pierce them.

So do your due diligence in making sure to get rid of hard,sharp objects around your hot tub. Furthermore, in choosing aninflatable hot tub, look out for the ones that come with repair kits that willcome in handy in the unlikely event of a puncture. MaintenanceYour inflatable hot tub willrequire occasional maintenance. Every hot tub has its own documented guide onmaintenance, which you’ll get on purchase. Hot tubs have water filters that needchanging occasionally. They also use chemicals thatdisinfect the water. These chemicals get used up and need to be replaced withthe progress of time.

How often you need to change the filters and shop for thechemicals will depend on how often the Inflatable hot tub is used.MoreinformationNo single inflatable hot tubbuyers’ guide can possibly answer all your questions, but here are a few morethings you need to know about your inflatable hot tub before you buy:WaterTemperatureAll modern inflatable hottubs come with a provision for you to regulate the temperature of the water.Most of them can get as hot as 40 degrees.HowLong It TakesHow long does it take tofill the hot tub with water and heat it? The answer to that depends on a numberof factors. The size of your hot tub determines the required volume of water,and the volume of water determines how long it would take to achieve anydesired temperature. The smaller the body ofwater, the quicker the heating process. Some other factors would be thepressure of your water source and the temperature of the environment, whichwould influence how quickly or slowly the inflatable hot tub is filled andheated.

CanIt Serve During Winter?Your inflatable hot tub canbe used during winter. But you must take certain precautions to keep it durable.For instance, exposing it to temperatures below 4 degrees would freeze thewater and ruin the pump. Besides, using it during winter would also requiredoing so indoors.

However, before you use itindoors, you should make sure there’s no possibility of water from the hot tub ruininganything indoors.HowIs It Stored?Storing it is the easy part.All you need to do is let the water drain out, deflate it, pack it carefullyand properly and put it away in a dry place until you need it again.


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