Key duties of a director in a company Essay

Forge Group Limited instance survey

Answer One:Cardinal Duties of manager in a company are as follows:1:

  • To supply aid to the company as per the power given by the company’s fundamental law
  • To supply their service for the development of the company
  • Judgments of the manager must be independent
  • They must take sensible attention and usage accomplishment and diligence
  • They shall non demo involvement in the affairs that are in struggle
  • They shall non take any benefit from the 3rd parties unless it is in benefit of the company

2:Harmonizing to the information provided by the newspaper related to Forge Group Limited and other informations it has been analyzed that managers of the Forge Group has performed their responsibilities to fulfill the demand of the stakeholders. Forge Group wins the Roy Hill contract on 2 Sept 2013 and stack up on 7 Oct 2013.

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This indicates that managers have performed their responsibilities in the involvement of the company. The different activities of the company depend on the point of view of their managers and work harmonizing to that positions. The determination of managers to coup d’etat CTEC was slightly in favour of Forge Group as company has received two major building contracts.3:In maintaining the involvements of the stakeholders, viz stockholders, creditors and employees, the managers of Forge Group have non performed their responsibilities in right mode as required and have besides been irresponsible in carry throughing their responsibilities. To fulfill the demands of the stakeholders of the company, managers were non able to gain sufficient net income.

They were besides non able to unclutter the creditors debt on clip and due to this company has to confront many cases. This state of affairs has besides created a negative environment in the company due to which employees are besides non satisfied.4:Harmonizing to my positions managers of Forge Group have tried to execute their responsibilities towards the company although it has been seen that they are non able to present the public presentation required by the stakeholders. It is the responsibility of managers to fulfill the stakeholders and to keep the public presentation of the company. Forge Group has suffered immense losingss and besides faced cases in old twelvemonth. Directors have non taken any measure to forestall company from being put into the tribunal for the cases made against them. This indicates that managers of Forge Group have failed to set their best and besides fails to present their responsibilities.5:Ethical motives contained in the Kantian are known to be deontological and harmonizing to it action performed by a individual is right in and of itself without any entreaty to effects.

Harmonizing to Kant, presence of any person’s head shows a practical ground for a doing new demands, but it can’t be said that these demand are justified or non. The theory of Kant can be sum up by the term called categorical jussive mood that creates demand, which does non depend on effects.On other manus, Utilitarianism is considered as the apprehension of right action on effects. Harmonizing to it any act is treated as right and justified from the point of people it win in making some felicity with really less hurting to the people affected through that act.

That is why Utilitarianism is referred as moral concretion.In the given fortunes, the activity performed by the senior directors of Forge Group is non at wholly justified as they have tried to take undue advantage of their place without maintaining the involvement of company as a whole. Forge Group has suffered a immense loss due to activity performed by the senior directors in the company. Allegation made by the journalist of The Australia was against the senior directors for taking hard currency on leave entitlements earlier this twelvemonth and relocated to Sydney on the cost of company. This shows the unethical behaviour of the senior directors as they have no right to utilize company fund for doing their personal disbursals. The act performed by the senior directors was non justified because due to this shareholders’ value in the company seem to be worthless.

This act can be considered as the misdemeanor of rules mentioned under Utilitarianism. Therefore, it can be concluded that that allegations put by Paul Garvey are justified and senior directors are responsible for this act.Answer Two:1 ( a ) :Forge Group Company follows historical cost for fixing their histories, except for certain non-current assets and fiscal instruments because they are estimated at just market value.1 ( B ) :

Accounting Equation ( Amount in AUD ‘000 )
Particulars Assetss ( A ) Liabilitiess ( L ) Equity ( E )
Get downing of the twelvemonth AUD478,401.00 AUD315,076.00 AUD163,325.


Change in a twelvemonth ( AUD14,191.00 ) ( AUD64,292.00 ) AUD50,101.00
End of the twelvemonth AUD464,210.00 AUD250,784.00 AUD213,426.


1 ( degree Celsius ) :

Changes in equity during 2013 ( as per company statement )
Particulars Issued Capital Share option Reserve Foreign Currency Net income Reserve Retained Net incomes Entire Equity
Balance at 1 July 2012 45,430 1,918 -3,139 119,116 163,325
Net income for the twelvemonth 62,919 62,919
Other comprehensive income for the twelvemonth 1,826 1,826
Entire comprehensive income for the twelvemonth 45,430 1,918 -1,313 62,919 119,116 228,070
Share Based Payments 866 866
Dividends paid -15,510 -15,510
Balance at 30 June 2013 45,430 2,784 -1,313 62,919 103,606 213,426

Changes in equity occur chiefly due to gain earned during the twelvemonth, other income received in the twelvemonth, portion issued under portion based payment, and dividend paid in the current twelvemonth. Forge Group has received 62,919,000 AUD as a net income and 1,826,000 AUD as other comprehensive income in twelvemonth 2012-13. Forge Group has paid dividend of 15,510,000 AUD and has received 866,000 AUD as portion issued under portion based payments.1 ( vitamin D ) :Following are the chief assets of Forge Group Limited:

Main Assetss of the Forge Group
Particulars ( Amount in AUD ‘000 )
Property, works and equipment 71,546
Intangible assets 40,332
Inventories and building work in advancement 150,491
Trade and other receivables 83,254
Cash and hard currency equivalents 90,728
Entire Main Assetss 436,351
Entire Equity 213,426

After rating it can be concluded that Forge Group has financed about 50 % of chief assets from the equity capital.1 ( vitamin E ) :

Other Gains and Losingss ( Amount in AUD ‘000 )
Rebates 43
Rents and sub-lease payments 25
Foreign currency interlingual rendition additions 1,173
Net loss on disposal of works and equipment -1,053
Entire 188

As the above income points are non from regular operations of the Company and are non repeating in nature, it is of import to segregate the other income in income statement because it would reflect a true image.

1 ( degree Fahrenheit ) :

Largest disbursals in the income statement ( Amount in AUD ‘000 )
Materials, works and subcontractor costs 656,334
Employee benefits disbursal 256,515
Depreciation and amortisation disbursal 21,361
Income revenue enhancement disbursal 27,190
Items in the balance sheet ( Amount in AUD ‘000 )
Cash 90,728
Debtors 83,254
Creditors 219,568
Inventory 150,491

On comparing the disbursals with the hard currency, debitors, creditors and stock list balance of balance sheet it can be said that disbursals made by the company is more in comparing with the sum of hard currency, debitors and stock list nowadays in the company. This indicates that direction has failed to pull off the financess in proper mode.1 ( g ) :

Forge Group Limited
Particulars ( Amount in AUD ‘000 )
Entire Gross 1,054,100
Net Net income Attributable To stockholders 62,919
EBIT ( net incomes before involvement and revenue enhancement ) 93,665

1 ( H ) :

Forge Group Limited
Particulars ( Amount in AUD ‘000 )
Net Net income 62,919
Net Cash Flows From Operating Activities 17,922

Amount of net net income is larger and it is normal in nature as it hard currency flow from runing activity contains merely hard currency balances, on the other manus net net income contains hard currency every bit good as recognition balances.1 ( I ) :

Reconciliation statement
Particulars ( Amount in $ ‘000 )
Net net income $ 62,919.00
Attention deficit disorder: Non hard currency point $ 30,132.00
Less: Change in current plus $ 45,821.


Attention deficit disorder: Change in current liability $ ( 29,308.00 )
Cash flow operating activity $ 17,922.00

1 ( J ) :The above alterations in rapprochement statement are due to hard currency points and non-cash points. In net income and loss statement both hard currency and non-cash points are considered but in hard currency flow statement merely hard currency points are considered.

1 ( K ) :

Forge Group Limited
Cash Flows from Financing Activities ( Amount in AUD ‘000 )
Returns from adoptions 9,152
Refund of adoptions -9,654
Interest paid -4,877
Dividends paid -15,510
Net hard currency provided by / ( used in ) funding activities -20,889

1 ( cubic decimeter ) :Forge Group Limited has invested AUD 19,521,000 in the works, belongings and equipment and got AUD 73,545,000 on termination of term sedimentation. There was net divestment in overall investment activity.2 ( a ) :

Forge Group Limited ( Amount in $ 000 )
Particulars 2013 2012 2011
Non current liabilities
Entire Equity 213,426 163,325 124,462
Petabit 93,665 64,182 56,753
Interest charges 4,816 2,850 17,920
Market monetary value per portion 4.10 4.37 5.


PAIT 62,919 49,302 38,832
Dividend 15,510 11,265 7,257
Net income after revenue enhancement and penchant dividend 62,919 49,302 38,832
Number of ordinary portions 86,169,014 86,169,014 82,924,014
Current assets 331,316 334,293 159,023
Current liabilities 234,677 285,095 83,259
Sale 1,054,100 774,879 424,673
Gross net income 376,405 241,720 208,515
Cash flow from operating activities 17,922 91,259 38,183
entire assets 464,210 478,401 213,280
EPS ( Basic ) 73.02 58.92 47.62
Intangible Asset 40,332 48,243 15,637
Long Term Debt 14,547 17,453 4,901
Ratio Analysis 2013 2012 2011
Long term Capital:
Debt Coverage Ratio 15.67 10.36 26.


Interest screen ratio 19.45 22.52 3.17
Investor ratios:
Price net incomes ratio 5.61 7.


EPS ( Basic ) 73.02 58.92 47.


NTAB 0.201 % 0.134 % 0.131 %
Displaced person 0.00018 0.00013 0.00009
Liquidity ratios:
Current ratio 1.


1.17 1.91
Profitability ratios:
Gross net income border 35.71 % 31.19 % 49.10 %
Operating net income border 8.

89 %

8.28 % 13.36 %
Asset turnover ratio 2.27 1.62 1.99
Tax return on equity 29.

48 %

30.19 % 31.20 %
Tax return on assets 13.

55 %

10.31 % 18.21 %
Cash Flow Ratios:
Operating hard currency flow to maturating duties ratio 13.09 3.12 2.


Solvency Ratio
Debt to Equity Ratio 0.068 0.107 0.


2 ( B ) :After measuring the one-year study of twelvemonth 2011 and 2013 it can be concluded that Forge Group did non succeeded in taking much benefit from the acquisition of CTEC limited. On rating of all the ratios, it can be concluded that there was non much alteration in the public presentation of company in twelvemonth 2011 and in 2013. Performance of the Forge Group can be evaluated through many ratios like monetary value net incomes ratio, gross net income border ratio, current ratio, return on equity and return on assets. These ratios show that company has non performed the manner it has to be. It can be said that there is addition in gross but it is besides true that proportion addition in disbursals was more than the gross.There was major diminution in gross net income ratio ; it has reduced to 35.71 % in twelvemonth 2013 from the per centum of 49.

10 % in twelvemonth 2011. It indicates that direct disbursals have increased in much greater place as comparison to net gross. The lessening in gross net income ratio was chiefly due to increase in disbursals after acquisition of CTEC. The acquisition of CTEC could hold been proven good if Forge Group would hold taken it after rating of acquisition in item.

Profitability place of company was non good in twelvemonth 2013 when compared with public presentation in twelvemonth 2011. Return on assets was 13.55 % in twelvemonth 2013 and in twelvemonth 2011 it was 18.21 % in twelvemonth 2011. It is due to increase in assets after acquisition of CTEC and diminution in net income per centum. Therefore it can be said that acquisition of CTEC by Forge Group was non successful.Mentions

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