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Kenneth Kersey-RussellMrs.JundtAP English 111-19-18Issues of Space Through the obstacles related to the exploration of space we develop new enterprises, help create positive relationships with other countries, and employ the use of new technology. However the disadvantages that are associated with the program should also be considered. One of the primary reasons we explore space is the possibility that risk also brings reward. The issues that are most significant when making the choices about the exploration of space include the economy, human risk, and the possible damage to our solar system.

Overall the health, and the safety of the people involved should be the most important.  The exploration of space The work of NASA and their programs involving the exploration of space have definitely helped our economy.  The money that is spent on program comes back into the economy and produces  countless jobs (Source A).  The men and women who are involved in the construction and planning all benefit greatly from the exploration of space.

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Even though the $5.3 billion assigned to NASA by the government for the funding of the exploration of space (Source E), the amount turns out to be “less than $.06 of every tax dollar that is spent” (Source C).

This shows that the impact that space puts into our economy is better than what is put into the program.  Despite all of the benefits that the exploration of space can do for our economy, it would be ridiculous to forget about the risks that are included and the other potential ethical issues involved. Missions that involve an extreme amount of risk should not be taken.

Ensuring that the astronauts will return home safely should be the most important part of the exploration of space. Because of the potential dangers of extraterrestrial life, NASA must also be very cautious because the existence of “back contamination”.  “Back contamination is the hazard that of an infectious germ can ride back with the astronauts coming home” (Source F).  Such an incident could cause a biological disaster for the U.S. and all other nations around the globe. Lastly, there is so much that we can learn outside our atmosphere that we would later be able to apply to our own way of life. New resources, the improvements in technology that can and will make our lives easier, and the possible breakthroughs in medicine are just a few of the things that we can gain from the information that space can give.

However, these are not the reasons why mankind would miss the space program. When we consider putting in large amounts of money into a program, we are inclined to forget the emotional reasons. In the exploration of space, those may be the reasons that are the most significant. “It’s not just what we learn in space that makes it so important, it’s about how we can live on Earth together and what type of future we want for ourselves and children” (Source A).  In addition to the discoveries made, the exploration of space can show us the way to come together in peace. I believe that the future of space exploration will be clear and full of possibilities.

Without the continuation of space exploration and financial backing, our world will not be the same when it comes down to the technological availability, medical advances, and the possible opportunities that it may bring us. The exploration of space has provided us with the ability to learn more about ourselves, and how it affects us. The information we gain gives strong reason that space will have equally positive impacts on future generations.


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