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Kendall WilsonMs.SearlsEnglish 915 November 2017                                                   The short story : “Everybody Knows Tobie”Hey have you ever read everybody knows tobie because the author uses characterization and conflict to express the story .  everybody knows tobie because he lives in north texas and delivers the news in his town. Joey is Toby’s little brother and tobie thinks he needs a haircut because he like a chicano.

Joey goes to Mr.Brewer shop for a haircut. The short story ” Everybody Knows Tobie” , Daniel Garza uses characterization and conflict to give the reader a good description about the characters.The author uses characterization to give a good image about the characters. Joey has to get a haircut and his brother tells him to Mr.Brewer shop because Mr.Lopez can’t do the haircut he wants.”Tobie encouraged me to go to the gringo’s place for a haircut”(690).

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A chicano is treated different than a gringo when they come to town for cotton picking season. ” All these chicanos came to my little town in which many gringos lived , and a few of us who spoke english and spanish”.The author uses conflict to tell the readers how the treatment that the chicanos reversed when they came to south of Texas or Mexico for cotton season and the mexicans that live in are sometimes mistaken for a chicanos. ” These chicano cotton pickers came from Rio Grande Valley in South Texas , and sometimes, even people from Mexico made the trip north of Texas”.  Also joey went to the gringos shop for his hair cut but the other gringo customers started to leave because of the way joey looks .

” the mexican baber in our town or maybe just embarrassing him in front of all the gringos customers in the shop as they often did when chicano cotton pickers came into their places during the fall months.” conclusion the arthur Garza, Daniel wrote the short story “Everybody Knows Tobie” use conflict and characterization to attract the reader’s interest. Joey needs a haircut and his brother encouraged him to go to the gringos shop and the mexican baber because of the hair joey wants that mr.Lopez can’t don”t.


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