Keeping the Faith Essay

“Keeping the faith” is a romantic comedy that encounters and challenges love, friendship and faith. At the beginning, a drunken Catholic priest tells his story to a bartender. Brian Ginn, Jake Schram and Anna Riley have known each other since they were kids. Anna met Jake and Brian in a middle school and they became friends. Since then, they were really close.

They spent a lot of time together playing sports and riding around the city. Years later, Anna’s father got a new job and Anna’s family moved to California to start a new life.The two boys built an extremely close friendship and both made similar career choices. Brain became a priest while Jake became a rabbi. Year later, now grownups, Ann got a position in a company and was sent to New York.

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So the three friends were together again. At this point, their childhood bonds grew bigger as Brian and Jake fell in love with Anna. But Brian’s career was a real problem because a Catholic priest couldn’t marry anybody. This pushed faith and love to its limit.

Fight for the faith you believe in, or fight for the love of a girl that wasn’t sure what she wanted. Anna fell in love with Jake and they started dating, but she was not Jewish and this fact was a problem for Jake, as Jake’s mother wanted him to marry only a Jewish girl. It is like traditions that Jewish men marry a Jew, also that a Rabbi should be marry. Jake was put on the spot. The barman listened to his story unwearyingly but couldn’t give him a piece of advice because his own religion was too complicated.The next day Brian, still drunk, punched the rabbi. He blamed Jake for not having Anna. But he didn’t realize that his big problem was the faith and religion he chose, no his friend.

Thus, later their relationship began to improve. Brian had a conversation about the situation and their problems, so Jake went to Anna’s office to make to let her know what was going on and be a part. After all it was her decision to make, they were fighting over something that either had control over. She decided to convent to Judaism for Jake and get marry.The film ends happy and they all remained friends. What I liked the most about the film was that both of this guys were devoted to their religion, but the Catholic Church won’t allow their priest to get merry.

Getting married to my opinion does not make a priest worst. It simply segregates them from encountering the problems that real men and women have. So how can they lecture you on relationship if they never had one? In the end, Jakes religion allowed him to keep his faith and his love to a woman that reciprocated.


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