Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Keeping out that the work is stupid

Keeping out that the work is stupid


Keeping in mind on the research, ADHD and childhood
mental disabilities could be related with the rational choice theory. There is no
grey area when it comes children misbehaving in the classroom. Behavior is influenced
by many different diagnoses. Rational theory can help social workers as well as
the educators how to understand a child that has experienced trauma in their life.
Those children are not always able to express their emotions in an appropriate way.
If given the proper treatment, these children would be able to learn how to control
their actions before they get to old and it becomes harder to change their behavior
preference. Not every treatment will work with every student; however, it will the
social workers and the educators and idea on how to maintain a controlled classroom
setting when dealing with disruptive students.

When a child under-goes a traumatic
experience, misbehaving could be their cry for attention or help. They are not
really thinking about their classmates needs but merely thinking about ways to
satisfy themselves. Maybe the classroom allows the student to feel safe enough
to do things they know are wrong. For example, when a student is not able to
comprehend their school work, they may yell out that the work is stupid instead
of asking for help because they are afraid of being insulted.

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According to (Glasser, 2009) we all have
everyday basic needs. He sums those needs up into five different categories.
Those needs consist of love, freedom, survival, fun, and power. Disruptive
behavior usually surfaces when a child inappropriately tries to fulfill those
needs. If one or more of those basic requirements are not met, the child tends
to become unhappy. That is where rational choice starts to emerge. The child no
longer thinks about being well-mannered or well-behaved. We are not in control
of the student’s feelings. They are in control of what and how they feel.

choice theory pertains to social work in many different aspects. Rational choice
theory indicates that people make cautious and reasonable decisions. Making
those decisions provides them with great satisfaction because it suits their
self-interest. The choices they make are rational to them because of their own
personal beliefs, values, and logic. However, just because their choices are
rational to them, it does not mean that it is rational to everyone else.