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Karela Juice Ingredients Health Benefits for Type 2 & Prediabetes According to the WHO stats, approximately 1.6 million people died due to diabetes alone in the year 2015. Being a chronic disease, diabetes compels your body unable to make enough required insulin.  Consequently, it results in an excess of sugar in the blood, which we call hyperglycemia and glycosuria. This further leads to difficulties with nerves, blood vessels, kidneys, heart, and eyes. Diabetes is classified into various types including Type 1, Type 2, Prediabetes, Gestational Diabetes, etc.

The major symptoms of diabetes include weight loss, blurry vision, burning of palms and soles, skin infections, increased hunger, excessive thirst, sweet taste to mouth, etc.When allopathic medicines annoy diabetes patients, Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes is proven as a gentler healing experience. Ayurveda, being a traditional treatment for thousands of years, is nature’s gift to prevent, heal, and cure various diseases.

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One of the best Ayurvedic treatments for diabetes is bitter gourd or Karela juice.  No matter whether you hate it or love it, Karela juice for blood sugar is an outstanding remedy. Moreover, it helps you to lessen weight and prevent acne. According to a study, bitter gourd, when consumed raw, is very effective and one glass Karela juice per day will result in blood glucose lowering activity in the body.Natural Karela ingredients consist of Polypeptide-p, which is used to control Type 2 and Prediabetes naturally. Moreover, studies have also shown that the natural insulin present in bitter gourd helps Type 1 diabetes patients also.

Bitter gourd comprises of 32 active phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and has various anti-bacterial, anti-viral and hypoglycemic properties. It has great potential to improve chronic metabolic diseases. Karela health benefits include ability to reduce body fat, stabilize blood sugar, balance out hormones, support optimal metabolism, reduce inflammation and regulate appetite.Also, it has been proven that bitter gourd juice has various kinds of healing effects on liver function and enzymes improving cholesterol levels and lipid profile in Prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes patients.

Apart from juice, bitter gourd can also be taken in supplement form.


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