Kakkar It was found that, about 88

Kakkar and Ahuja (2013)explored the effect of stress among women lecturers in different colleges sothat remedies could be find out to live a stress less life. The study was basedon primary data which was collected with the help of a questionnaire forassessing the level of stress and making a comparison between the groups ofwomen lecturers from Government and Private Colleges. It was found that thereis no significance difference of stress levels among the women lecturersworking in Govt.

colleges and Pvt. Colleges. The study suggests that there isneed for promoting relaxation programmers for the women lecturers to reducestress. Reddy and Anuradha (2013)examined the Occupational Stress of teachers working at higher secondary level.

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It was found that, about 88 percent of higher secondary teachers areexperiencing moderate and high levels of occupational stress. To overcomeoccupational stress, the researchers have suggested some measures which couldprove beneficial to teachers in coping with stress are: improve self esteem,build self confidence, work on building emotional intelligence competencies,develop a good sense of humor, practice yoga and meditation, exerciseregularly, foster a supportive friend circle, cultivate hobbies, developeffective communication skills, and seek professional help, if necessary.Vijayadurai and Venkatesh (2012)examined the various factors to stimulate stress level among women teachers incollege of Tamilnadu.

Survey method was employed to collect the data fromrespondents and the data were collected with the help of questionnaire. Thestudy revealed that Workplace stress occurs when there are imbalanced demandsand perceived pressures of the work environment and an individual ability tocope. It was found that 82 % of respondents always have heavy work load withinthe organization and there is no significant association between thequalification of the respondents and heavy workload. It also suggested thatproper communication, good working environment should be provided for reducingstress.Astudy conducted by Ji, Hong & Zhang,(2011) tried to understand themental stress of the college students and the coping methods to overcome thestress. The study showed a positive correlation between mental stress of thecollege students and employment situations and study conditions and mentalstressAnotherstudy conducted on Stress coping strategies of students at universities andcolleges of technology by Lin Ying Ming,Wang and Ming.

(2010) found thatin the level of education, the educators force on acquisition of knowledge,neglecting the emotional caliber. The study concluded that if the teachers donot give an attention towards over stressed students then these students mightshow some unusual behavior. To maintain a healthy body and mind one needs to becared for his or her stressful events of life. 


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