Juvenile Justice System in California Essay

Does the Time Fit the Crime? This is a call to action. how much do we really know about the California Juvenile Justice system? Have we given up on today’s young person? There are more than 2. 500 juvenile offender’s provinces broad that have been sentenced to life in prison or life without word.

They are sent to adult tribunal in which they were convicted for their offenses. This is bing California revenue enhancement remunerators 2. 5 million dollars a twelvemonth to house each wrongdoer. and about 252. 000 a twelvemonth per young person in the CYA ( Krinsky. Pierce.

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Woodford. p1 ; Kita. p1 ) .How does this impact their psychological development? Of the different races which is most accomplished? Is it learning them to be better persons or better felons? What effects does it hold on the youth’s household? Is justness being served? As of today there are 300 youth juveniles incarcerated in the province of California that have been given life or life without word. Does race. societal. and environmental factors play a function in the condemning stage? Does the clip suit the offense? Is it appropriate for juveniles to be sentenced as grownups?The Juvenile Justice Court System was designed and dedicated to the adjudication of offenses committed by juvenile young person wrongdoers.

To be over seen by the Los Angeles Superior Court Division of Juvenile Courts ( Shouselaw ) . Their exclusive intent and end is the rehabilitation of young person wrongdoers. In 1943 the province of California opened CYA as a reform school ; but today it functions similar to the grownup prisons today ( Kita. p1 ) . Young person that are prosecuted in grownup tribunal are moved out of CYA at 18 and sent to adult prison to function the reminder of their clip ( Kita. p1 ) .Fewer juvenile wrongdoers are being committed to CYA.

and more are being sent straight to adult prison. “ Despite diminutions in juvenile parturiency over the last decennary. California still has the tenth highest rate of juvenile captivity in the state ( 271 per 100. 000 ) and the 5th highest White-Black racial disparity: Black kids are incarcerated at 8.

5 times the rate of White children” ( Children Defense Fund ) .“ There are many factors and statistics used in the statements for and against juvenile sentences of life without word ( LWOP ) . nevertheless the statistics affecting he much higher per centum. of inkinesss functioning life sentences than Whites are really seldom mentioned” ( Bell. p. 2 ) . This is farther informations that supports the statement that black young person has the highest ratio of captivity.

The legislative assembly is sing measure SB399 which would let a 2nd opportunity chance. this shows that the province of California Juvenile System is in demand of reform and structuring. Without SB399 there isn’t any manner to revisit these sentences. ( Krinsky. Pierce. Woodford.

p. 2 ) . What immediate alterations need to take topographic point today to cut down the figure of young persons. being captivity?Harmonizing to the group Reforming the Juvenile Justice System. the United States is the lone state in the universe that sentences immature people to life in prison without the possibility of word for offenses they committed when they were adolescents ( RJJS ) . In California about 300 young persons have been given this sentence – a sentence to decease in prison for errors they made during adolescence.

Harmonizing to “Human Rights Watch estimations. a bulk of these immature people ( 59 per centum ) were first clip wrongdoers. and about half ( 45 per centum ) were convicted of slaying but were non the 1s who really committed the murder” ( RJJS ) .What can we make as a society and community to assist carve the job within our communities to guarantee our young person are being treated reasonably in the juvenile system? There are several jobs and issues that the juvenile justness systems face today. Allegations of mistreatment.

maltreatment. inordinate force. 23 hr parturiency in their cells. locking juveniles in coops at school.

non supplying equal medical and mental wellness services. and prolongation of pack related force among the young person wrongdoers. ( Shouselaw. p.

? ) . We as a society have to raise the inquiry?How have these jobs and issues gone unaddressed for so long? Who do we keep accountable for these allegations? Therefore. inquiring how this effects their psychological development and how much of it impacts their societal interactions and behaviour. Young person advocators have argued that juvenile young person offenders’ encephalons are non mature plenty to to the full understand the earnestness of their offenses they’ve been accused of. The organisation CDFCA has stated that: “Adolescent encephalon development research has helped us understand the ways that young person are basically different from grownups.With the prefrontal lobe of the encephalon still developing throughout the teenage old ages.

striplings have more trouble processing information. doing logical in-the-moment determinations. weighing long-run effects. and avoiding equal force per unit area. Given this research in adolescent encephalon development. policymakers and even the Supreme Court have recognized that young person are less blameworthy than grownups for their actions and more likely to be rehabilitated.The Children’s Defense Fund – CA believes strongly that policies around captivity and sentencing should reflect these developmental differences.

and that young person should be kept out of the grownup condemnable justness system and given the chance for rehabilitation” ( RJJS. p. 1 ) . Subsequently.

supplying the grounds of how broken the juvenile system truly is. Richard A. Mendel wrote. “We now have overpowering grounds demoing that sweeping captivity of juvenile wrongdoers is a counterproductive public policy” ( Mendel. p.

1 ) Stating that the current juvenile justness system.Which relies to a great extent on mass captivity of adolescent wrongdoers. is severely broken? The force and maltreatment within young person installations is bad plenty.

but these establishments besides fail to rehabilitate the young person within them. ( Mendel. p. 1 ) Adding support that something must be done instantly to salvage our young person ; go forthing us to inquire how these effects will finally determine their lives for the better or the worst. There is a sense of hopelessness and desperation that illuminates over these juveniles.

Are the sentences handed down in these instances justified?Has justness being served in these instances? Supports of juvenile reform has provided informations and research that back their claims that black young person are being sentence to much long footings than any of other race. The Human Rights Watch organisation conducted research in California and found that there is favoritism when condemning black young person wrongdoers: ” The state’s application of the jurisprudence is besides unfair. Eighty-five per centum of young person sentenced to life without word are people of colour. with 75 per centum of all instances in California being African American or Hispanic young person.African American young person are sentenced to life without word at a rate that is 18. 3 times the rate for Whites.

Latino young person in California are sentenced to life without word at a rate that is five times the rate of white young person in the province California has the worst record in the state for racially disproportional sentencing. In California. African American young person are sentenced to life without word at rates that suggest unequal intervention before condemning tribunals. This unequal intervention by condemning tribunals can non be explained merely by white and AfricanAmerican youths’ differential engagement in crime” ( HRWO. p. 1 ) . In add-on to favoritism they besides found that “In California entirely.

more than half of the young person sentenced are first clip wrongdoers with no old felon record. The Human Rights Watch study of these inmates besides found that many had non really committed the slaying and that their grownup co-defendants really received a lesser sentence” ( HRWO. p1 ) . Therefore. indicating out that these young person wrongdoers did non hold equal representation.The organisation Human Rights Watch wrote: “Poor legal representation frequently compromises a merely result in juvenile life without parole instances. Sending Approximately 227 young persons have been sentenced to decease in California’s prisons.

They have non been sentenced to decease: the decease punishment was found unconstitutional for juveniles by the United States Supreme Court in 2005. Alternatively. these immature people have been sentenced to prison for the remainder of their lives. with no chance for word and no opportunity for release.Forty-five per centum of young person reported that they were held lawfully responsible for a slaying committed by person else.

In California. the huge bulk of those 17 old ages old and younger sentenced to life without the possibility of word was convicted of slaying. Showing that nationally 59 per centum of young person sentenced to life without words are first-time wrongdoers.

without individual juvenile tribunal adjudication on their records” ( HRWO. p1-3. ) .

Furthermore. this research back up their claims that race. societal. and environment factors play a major function in condemning.Supplying add-on grounds that black and Latino juveniles are treated below the belt and justness is non being served. In decision. the California Juvenile Justice System is in desperate demand of reform.

In January of this twelvemonth Govern Jerry Brown. proposed is program to stop the juvenile justness division by March 2015 ( sfgate. com ) . Therefore replying the inquiries posed there are a great trade. of jobs and issues that must be addressed instantly. Like the mass captivity of young person juveniles and mishandling of condemning in these instances.And the harsh unjust life sentences or life without word.

which will hold long term effects on their psychological development. which will impact their societal and behavior interactions. This will restrict their opportunity of of all time being release. And give them an chance to get down over with a clean slide.

Furthermore. raise a profound impact on the lives of their households. Sheding visible radiation on a decennary of unjust inappropriate actions on behave of the tribunals. In which justness was non served in any of the instances.


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