Justice Is It Really Bieng Served Essay

Justice: Is It Really Bieng Served Essay, Research Paper

Justice: Is it Truly Bing Served?

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Crime is a really serious issue in today? s society that is

talked about through many different methods, media, telecasting

plans, etc.. Clarence Darrow? s address, ? Address to the

Prisoners in the Cook County Jail? displays a really strong feeling

on whether or non? felons? in gaol our truly at mistake for

their offenses or if it? s the mistake of those people on the

? outside? , those non in gaol. Once being a attorney himself and

supporting felons like Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, both

ill-famed slayings, Darrow has a strong penetration on difficult nucleus

felons and the legal system. He utilizes his experience and

cognition along with the entreaties of poignancy, Son and ethos, to

derive the regard and sentiments of his audience.

Darrow? s chief intent in this address is to province his

feelings of neglect for the justness system. He feels as though

gaols do non function a true intent and that people are non in gaol

because they deserve to be but instead because of ineluctable

circumstance. Those who obtain money keep the power and those who

are poverty stricken will be punished, no affair who was at mistake

or who did the offense.

This piece was a address to captives in a Chicago gaol and

hence, it seems as if his targeted audience must hold been

the felons themselves. However, he must hold besides been

aiming the politician? s and legal forces for the tone of

his sentences and the beliefs he stated would make no justness for

those already in prison and must hold been intended to act upon

those people on the? outside? .

Darrow strikes the hapless or the emotional entreaty

immediately in his first paragraph: ? I do non believe that people

are in gaol because they deserve to be. They are in gaol merely

because they can non avoid it on history of fortunes which

are wholly beyond their control and for which they are in no

manner responsible? ( 862 ) . This statement entirely could make an

tumult in any prison. Darrow uses great enunciation in this quotation mark,

utilizing it as, a persuasive tool, to steal past the examination of

readers and rock them toward peculiar responses. With a

statement every bit powerful as that one how can a individual non get down to

ponder on why these people are in gaol and if the captives are

truly at mistake for their offenses.

Through the usage of tone Darrow triggers the head into

believing that the people that are on the exterior are the 1s

that create the mayhem and those on the interior, the captives, are

mere victims of their pitilessness. ? If it were non for the fact

that people on the exterior are so avaricious and heartless in their

traffics with the people on the interior, there would be no such

establishment as gaols? ( 863 ) . The words seem to crawl into your

head doing one feel as though he is right in what he is

stating. It is as if one can hear the power and strength in

his voice speech production to the captives leting one to hold no

pick but to believe him.

Darrow targets the emotional entreaty in his shutting

paragraph, ? The lone manner to get rid of offense and felons is to

get rid of the large 1s and the small 1s together. Give work forces a

opportunity to populate. Abolish the right of private ownership of land,

abolish monopoly, make the universe spouses in production, spouses

in the good things in life? ( 872 ) . With his manner of utilizing harsh

and disconnected sentences Darrow produces the feeling that if we would

make an equality amongst us all that people would non

experience adversity, there would be no offense, hatred and

competition. The length of Darrow? s sentences seem to convey about

different attitudes and feelings. His shorter sentences seem

blunt or terse, where his thirster sentences,

that hold closing,

posses more of a dramatic consequence.

In add-on to exciting 1s emotions, Darrow entreaties to

the logical concluding side of the audience:

Whenever the standard Oil Company raises the monetary value of

oil, I know that a certain figure of misss who are

dressmakers, and who work dark after dark long hours

for person else, will be compelled to travel out on the

streets and provide another trade, and I know that Mr.

Rockerfeller and his associates are responsible and non

the hapless misss in the gaol cell? ( 866 ) .

He leads us to believe that it is the mistake of the rich and non

that of the hapless. If the rich would non be so money hungry and

greedy they would non raise the monetary values of oil and create these

misss to non be able to afford it. In another facet Darrow

acquires us by puting the incrimination on the authorities. ? In England

and Ireland and Scotland less than five percent own all the land

there is, and the people are bound to remain at that place on any footings

that landlords give. They must populate the best they can, so they

develop all these assorted professions- burglary, picking pockets

and the similar? ( 869 ) . We must visualise that it is non the mistake

of the people but instead the mistake of the landlords. For they

give the regulations and they are the 1s who do non put Forth

equal wages to the people. ? So long as work forces are allowed to

monopolise all the Earth and compel others to populate on such footings

as these work forces see fit to do, so you are bound to acquire into

gaol? ( 872 ) . In a simple sense, every bit long as we create a universe

where we allow work forces to govern over us we will ne’er win in

extinguishing the offenses and unfairness that take topographic point.

? The more that is taken from the hapless by the rich, who have

the opportunity to take it, the more the people there are who are

compelled to fall back to these agencies of support? ( 867 ) . Once

once more Darrow manages to province that it is the people on the

outside of these gaol cells and there questions that place the hapless

on the interior. ? They do non carry through what they pretend to

accomplish. If you would pass over them out at that place would be no more

felons so now. They terrorize cipher. They are a smudge upon

civilisation, and a gaol is an grounds of the deficiency of charity of

the people on the exterior who make the gaols and make full them with

victims of their greed? ( 872 ) . Another powerful statement that

accuses those with the wealth for the bad lucks of those of the

hapless taking the hapless to be felons. Again stated earlier, in

Darrows eyes if this universe could merely possess true equality all

offense would be abolished and all gaols and captives could be

disregarded. He uses a good pick of words that seem to catch at

the reader leting the reader to sympathise and experience the hurting of

the poorness stricken, and the captives. Through drastic tone and

pitch Darrow uses, his quotation marks are influential and travel directly to

the readers bosom and head.

The ethos of Darrow is rather a touchy topic. Although he

was a attorney for several old ages he obtains no solid grounds, merely

good worded statements and descriptions that place ideas and

visions into 1s caput. His words possess great power and one

could be easy influenced by them. It is now in the readers manus

to explicate their ain sentiment and make up one’s mind whether or non their is

truth in Darrow? s accusals. The reader must trust entirely on the

fact that Darrow is in the legal profession and has indoors

information on what truly transpires.

Darrow? s theories can be summed up about every bit easy as they

were foremost introduced. He feels that the lone manner to acquire rid of

offenses and felons is to abandon it all. The lone manner that this

universe will free of the misbehavior that goes on is to make a pure

universe with absolute equality.


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