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Just like in the case of Nigeria above, the way in which a Westerner and an Asian expresses politeness is different too.  As stated above, politeness is a common occurrence in every societal group, but each of these cultural groups has got its specific principles as well as standards. Hence, individuals from distinct cultural upbringings are expected to show politeness in various ways.Compliment and response.

 Compliments are a kind of social speech act that has got various roles and purposes. This simply means that it could achieve diverse tasks in various societal settings of a day to day interaction, and Conferring to quite a few investigations carried out by scholars both home and abroad, other than expressing gratitude, the ruling goal of English complimentary speech is to organize the reliability in the interaction of speakers. While the elements of Chinese complimentary speech concentrate on: initially, influencing the listener to rest easy; then, communicating thankfulness; and thirdly, making utilization of others. The third capacity of Chinese complimentary discourse is not quite the same as those of the western culture. In the part of element of complimentary discourse, there are likewise social contrasts.As seen in the work of Deng (1997, p.76), the Chinese chooses to seek or look for something they have in common with someone; hence the compliment on changes and sorts is not really common.

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Unlike the Chinese, the Westerners would rather seek character and behaviour which is why they are always ready to give compliments on new changes, hairstyle, dress sense, or even great ideas.  Luo (2000) says that when it comes to the response to compliments from people, the difference is clear. For example, a non-Chinese person may compliment a Chinese woman with “your dress is very nice” and get a response from the lady saying, “no, it is just a simple dress” because in their culture, it is common for people to say some self-dispraise things like “you praise me so much” or “I feel shy to hear that” because they see it as a way of being modest in some kind of way, and modesty is considered as a kind of traditional virtue. Whereas in the Western countries, people tend to respond to praises and compliments with things like “thank you” or “I am glad to hear that”, because to them, being honest is the best policy. He also stated that in the above situation of the Chinese lady and foreigner, the communication may not be a progressive one as the foreigner may get offended thinking that the Chinese lady was implying that he/she has got a lack of good taste in clothes and sorts.

In both the Western country and China, various strategies of politeness are used when it comes to reacting to a complimentary speech. When it comes to English and American, the reception of a compliment is seen as a sort of respect to the counterpart, and is able to dodge showing any threat to the 


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