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Journey of the Magi Essay

Journey of the Magi has been penned down by Nobel award victor TS Eliot an is a contrast of experiences based on the birth of Christ. The soliloquy describes the journey of the Magi to Bethlahem in hunt of religious mollification and is an history of Eliot’s ain transition to Anglican religion. doing the journey and nonsubjective correlativity for Eliot.

As per the Gospel narrative. the Magi were the three wise work forces viz. Balthazar- King of Chaldea. Gaspor – King of Ethopia. Melchoir -King of Nubia who belonged to the priestly category of prestidigitators and had come to Bethlahem to pay court to infant Christ showing him with gifts of gold.

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sweet cicely. and olibanum. They symbolise rolling human psyches in hunt of spiritualty. the ageless religious seeker.The verse form. ‘Journey of the Magi’ opens with the birth discourse of Lancelot Andrews preached in 1622 which describes the adversities Magi faced due to deep ways. crisp conditions. meeting snow and hostile conditions which were difficult to battle: ‘ A cold coming we had of it/ Just the worst tme of the year’ in ‘the really dead of winter’ .

The Magus admits that there was self-contemplation promoted for ‘there were times we regretted’ as they had given up mercenary pleasances and sensualness of ‘Summer topographic points on the slope’ and ‘silken misss conveying sherbert. ’Besides inquiring whether it was deserving the attempt. their major issue of hunt was ignored and the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours troubles bogged them down with ‘camelmen cussing and grumbling’ .

‘night fires traveling out’ and ‘villages. dirty and bear downing high prices’ . and they admitted. ‘A difficult clip we had of it’ . The Magi now ‘preferred to go all night’ and faced agonizing minutes of self uncertainty: ‘voices singing in our ears stating that this was all folly’ before they eventually reached a temperate vale.

The 2nd half of the verse form abounds in symbolism with the temperate vale signifing the alteration in their lives that followed the ardous journey.They come across a ‘ running stream’ picturing the eternity of their journey ; ‘watermill crushing the darkness’ go oning the image of extinction and reclamation ; ‘three trees signifing three crosses at calvary ; ‘an old white horse’ . a metaphor for metempsychosis of Christ.

the Savior and the licking of pagan religion ; ‘Vine leaves over the lintel’ once more symbolic of the vine that Jesus metamorphosed into his blood ; ‘Six custodies at an unfastened door cubing for pieces of silver’ refers to betrayal of Jesus by Judas and in conclusion ‘feet kicking empty vine teguments ’is symbolic of the worn out signifiers and rites of the old dispensation.The Magus describes their finish as: ‘Finding the topographic point. it was ( you may state ) satisfactory’ .

Such a calculated understatement reflects the convulsions in the heads of the Magi as an result of the clang of their old dispensation and new beliefs. The last 12 lines describe the psychological alteration in Magi as they wore caught in confusion and perplexity and claimed that ‘This birth was difficult and acrimonious torment for us like Death’ . The journey marked the terminal of their old dispensation but didnot give them satisfaction of religion for the Magus claims.

‘I should be sword lily of another death’ so that he may be born into a new religion.The verse form can be studied at three degrees: The existent journey of the Magi ; Eliot’s journey from uncertainty to faith while his transition to Anglicanism. and journey of any person in religious pursuit. belonging to the Ariel verse form. the journey traces Eliot’s ain religious pursuit and his yearing for empyreal peace. The soliloquy reconfirms the cosmopolitan truth that the brave and the dauntless who embark upon journies with strong belief are graced with deity but it is animal jdesires and enticements that need to be overcome.