Jonas Society Essay

In the Giver, Jonas’s society is created in a different way than our society is created. For example, There they first have to sign up for and then it have to be approved by the committee. Father told “The committee always makes the list in advance and its right there in the office at the Nurturing Center” (12). In Jonas’s society, there is a rule that anybody cannot have more than two babies’ one boy and a girl.Jonas’s mother reminded “Two children-one male, one female-to each family unit” (8). If someone in Jonas’s society has more than three babies then, they will release him from the society.

His mother reminded “You know that there’s no third chance. The rules say that if there’s any third transgression, he simply has to be released” (9). Our society is different from Jonas’s society because families are created in a different way.In our society we can reproduce babies whenever we want and we do not need to sign up neither need to be approved by the society. We can also have as many babies we want in our society there is no limited number or rule for it.

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In our society, if we have lot of babies there is no problem and nobody has the right to release someone from the society. The parents take care of their own children they don’t need a nurturing center for them.


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