John Glenn Biography Essay

John Glenn was an only child. When he was 2, he and his family moved to New Concord. There, they built a home that doubled as a guest house for students from Muskingum College. Growing up, John was constantly with older students. Not only was he surrounded by college students, but his father loved to travel.

John’s mother tutored him as well. He grew up with all these influences around him that soon, he would have a love for science, be fascinated with planes and flying, and more, at such an early age. Technology was advancing quickly during this time as well.

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All the things that happened to him as he was growing up really influenced how he acted as an adult.  Events That Influenced John H. Glenn Jr. John Glenn was born in the 1920’s, which means enormous change was happening; there was an economic boom, the jazz age, and women were liberating themselves in everything they did. The society that Americans were developing was drifting more away from the Victorian society that once existed.

Everything seemed to be bought during these times. The stock market crash of 1929 led to the Great Depression in the 1930’s. “It was the best of times and the worst of times. Science was also advancing during this time, so John Glenn got to experience all of this. It was because of the Korean conflicts that John enlisted in the Naval Aviation Cadet Program and became a Marine pilot. In 1959 John became the first American to orbit the earth.

His Accomplishments -Enlisted in the Naval Aviation Cadet Program and became a Marine pilot. -He went into space and piloted the Friendship 7 spacecraft around the globe three times, and became a hero. -Became Senator Glenn. -In 1998 he joined the Space Shuttle Discovery Crew and on October 29, 1998, became the oldest human ever to venture into space. pic] Ohio State University How Do People View John H. Glenn Jr.? People view him as a hero. They view him as one because he was the first American to orbit the earth, and that was a HUGE deal back then.

Everyone was competing to orbit the earth during this period of time, and John H. Glenn Jr. did it, the country welcomed him “as a hero who had conquered the bounds of earth and given new wings to America’s spirit. ”Bibliographyhttp://johnglennhome. org/about/john-glenn/ http://www. academicamerican.

com/twentiesdepww2/twenties/twentiesintro. html


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