Jet Propulsion Laboratory Essay

The Jet propulsion Laboratory is a summer research program for young adults. It tries to attract students to give them research experience that can be much helpful for them in their future work. When you get to the camp you team up with other students who are interested in the same areas as you, and work on the topics you get by the program leaders. To participate in the camp, you have to be an American citizen or permanent resident.The program costs money, but they have a great stipendium system that gives students $5000 for the summer camp. The stipendium has been too expensive for JPL, and therefore, next summer will be the last chance to get the stipendium.

The program leaders told us what they did o the last summer’s camp: * “Establishing a correlation between surface deformation and changing groundwater levels. ” The groundwater basins are San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley and Santa Ana.The program was investigating if and how the changing in the groundwater elevation was working and found the follow evidence on change in the elevation: * Supplemental water purchased to reduce groundwater pumping * -16% decrease in water storage for L:A Central Basin Professor David who was one those who talked about JPL during the lecture, told us how JPL “The Rocket Boys” camp was like in 1936, and he also showed a few pictures on how it looked back then.The professors who held the lecture ended it by telling us that they want you to do this camp to find new friends with the same interests, and the people you will meet there have focused skills, they are there for a patient purpose and they are real “Nerds” and proud of it! (The last comment got a lot of laughs.

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) The lecture leaders showed how much water that is imported every year in a great way buy using bar charts, so that everyone in the lecture class would see. They also presented how much water that is being pumped up with similar bar charts.


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