Jerome Paul Witkin Essay

The work of art that I chose is Jeff Davies.

an oil picture painted in 1976 by Jerome Paul Witkin. It depicts a adult male. presumptively named Jeff Davies. standing and taking up the full frame of the image. He is have oning a field tee shirt which is stretched over and exposing a spot of his stick outing tummy. a brace of worn denims.

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a immense down coat. and a chapeau. He stands in a field. dirty-looking room. At the really underside of the picture is the border of a tabular array and a largely empty home base. Everything about Jeff Davies says manfulness: his beefy stature. his greying face fungus. his soiled work apparels.

His custodies are stuffed in his pockets. he’s frowning. he’s turn overing one oculus and the other is squeezed shut. The manner that he stands in forepart of his home base with no chair in sight makes me believe that this adult male doesn’t sit down or remain still for long. And yet. the defects of Jeff Davies that are depicted make the image seem wholly reliable. keeping nil back from the viewing audiences. However.

this picture was painted by Jerome Paul Witkin. he is New York painter. born in 1939. Since he was born around the clip of the Great Depression. it makes sense that Witkin’s work should reflect societal pragmatism.

picturing a on the job category adult male as its topic.Witkin “believes that moral values are every bit of import as formal or aesthetic 1s. ” So possibly it wasn’t so far-fetched of me to believe of Jeff Davies as an honest adult male and the hero of the picture. alternatively of merely its topic. On the other manus. the other picture that I chose is The Act of Judith and it’s besides was painted by Jerome Paul Witkin on 1979-80. However.

The picture features what looks to be a middle-aged Native American adult female offering a mask that she has made to a individual whose manus is merely seen.Evidence back uping my observation of her as a Native includes her hairdo. frock. and darker tegument tone. The decision that she made the mask comes from the work infinite she is in. the tools environing her. and the pigment on her custodies.

She wears an deadpan face and stare straight out at the spectator. Upon farther consideration. I feel that the spectator is represented as the individual having the mask via the manus in the lower right corner. This reading means that we. as the spectator. have no pick but to be a portion of this picture.

We are forced to see the significance because it involves us.


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