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Jd sport offers a variety of clothing like t shirts,sweatshirts and hoodies, joggers, jeans and accessories for men, women andchildren.

They also have a wide variety of footwear like trainers, canvas,boots, slides and football boots with many brands to choose from. The websiteis effective and easy to find what you are looking for. Screenshots  iTunesProducts: https://www.apple.com/uk/itunes/ iTunes is an internet radio broadcaster and mobile devicemanagement application which offers 40 million songs without ads and over 100,000 films and TVshows which you can download if you have an apple device such as iPhone, mac oriPad, alternatively users have the option to stream them online if they areconnected to Wi-Fi.  Users canshare their music library wirelesses so they can be accessed on all their appleproducts as long as it has the same apple ID.      Screenshots         Similaritiesand differences (M1)SimilaritiesBoth use websites to sell their productsBoth use the front page to advertise what theyhave DifferencesItunes products are digital but JD sellsphysical items that are shipped to your door.  PlaceJD Sports –Delivery & tracking online, getting the product to the customerhttps://www.

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jdsports.co.uk/customer-service/delivery/JD sport offers free click and collect on all orders wherethe product you purchase online will be sent to a store of your choice for youto pick up. They also do standard delivery to your door for £3.99 but it isfree if your order is over £60, this will take 2-5 days to get delivered. They alsohave many other delivery options such as next day delivery for £4.

99 if youplace your order before 9pm. Or you could buy your products in store withoutclick and collect. Customers can choose their preferred delivery option whenthey checkout when making a purchase on the JD website.    Screenshots    iTunes  – Delivery & tracking online, getting theproduct to the customer1https://en.

wikipedia.org/wiki/ITunesiTunes allows customers to stream their music and moviesonline if they have a Wi-Fi connection on all their apple devices, or you candownload them and watch movies and listen to music without needing Wi-Ficonnection.  When a customer purchases asong it is added to their digital library which can be accessed on all appledevices with the same apple ID.1         Screenshots   Similaritiesand differences (M1)   Applications(Apps)JD Sports –getting the product to the customerhttps://www.jdsports.co.uk/ Just like the website the JD Sport app allows customers toorder items with the same delivery options.

The app has some extra featuressuch as notifications when new items are in stock and unboxing videos of everyproduct to show what it looks like better than a picture. When a customer makesa purchase through the app they can pay with credit or debit card, PayPal orapple pay. 2    Screenshots   iTunes  – getting the product to the customer1https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ITunesThe iTunes app allows customers to browse music and add it totheir library or download it.

By adding it to their library they can stream itwith a Wi-Fi connection, if downloaded they can listen to it without an internetconnection. Once downloaded to their library a song will be accessible on allapple devices the customer has as long as they are signed in with the sameapple ID as the one the song was purchased on.3 Screenshots   Similaritiesand differences (M1)    PaymentmethodJD Sports -payment methodhttps://www.jdsports.co.uk/ JD accepts a wide range of credit and debit cards, PayPal,android pay and apple pay.

They also have a gift card where you can buy a giftcard with any value in store and redeem it online to spend, the amount you canspend is limited to how much money is on the card. Customers can choose theirpayment option after selecting their preferred delivery option when checkingout on the website when they make a purchase.       4   Screenshots      iTunes – Paymentmethod Similar to JD iTunes also allows customers to pay withcredit or debit card, or by redeeming iTunes gift cards. However they havecountry specific payment options such as China Unionpay. Users choose theirpayment option when downloading a new song to their library. Once they haveselected a payment option the song will download to their library on all theirapple devices. 5  Screenshots: Similaritiesand differences: (M1)    SocialMediaJD Sports –Social MediaReference:JDs Instagram JD uses social media like Instagram to promote new productsin stock which are sometimes endorsed by celebrities wearing it. Another way JDpromotes their business on social media is by having “promo codes” to get adiscounted price or another offer on your order.

Another method of promotionthey use is competitions where you can win tickets to sporting events ormerchandise. An example of this is when they got bugzy Malone to model theirnew clothes. Screenshots   ITunes – SocialMedia Reference:itunes Instagram accountOne way itunes promotes itself on social media is byadvertising new movies on the store when they come out. Another way itunes hasused social media is by launching their own social networking service calledping in 2010 for the 10th major release of itunes, it had 1millionusers in 23 countries and allowed people to subscribe to their favouriteartists.

it was cancelled in 2012 and replaced with Facebook and Twitterintegration with itunes instead. An example of this is when they posted apicture of Dunkirk when the film came out.1https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ITunes 3 4 5


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