Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Javier of the century, cultivated this land.

Javier of the century, cultivated this land.

Javier is a 4th class municipality in the province of Leyte. A rural town of
approximately 73 kilometers (45 mi) south of Tacloban City.,
Iit is found
between the boundaries of Baybay on the west side and MacArthur and Abuyog towns, along
the Leyte Gulf. It has a very narrow coastline
and coastal plains, facing the Pacific.1


municipality of Javier, Leyte used to be calles barrio Bugho of the
municipality of Abuyog, Leyte. Bugho is a contraction of the
dialect term “Binogho” (from the local dialect root word “Buho”),
meaning a small clearing within a forest area. Settlers at around the turn of
the century, cultivated this land. Among the earliest known settlers was Macario Cultura, a native of Burauen, Leyte who wais
believed to have led his friends and relatives to farm the fertile soil of the
area, then, a
virgin forest. Later, its settlement grew to become a sitio of barrio Pinocawan and an established one
since the Spanish occupation. 2

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The topography of the municipality of
Javier, Leyte is composed of rolling hills, plains, mountains, and plateaus. It
has a total of 8780.43 hectares of its agricultural area and 6489.57 hectares
for the remaining land uses like residential and institutional areas,
timberland, and even waterways.


climate has no definite wet and dry season. Its maximum rain come in November
to January while minimal rains come in the months of April to May and August to
September. There is no single dry month in the area.


livelihood within the municipality resides mainly on agriculture while it also
engages in commerce and trade, industry, forestry, and tourism.

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