Jad Session Essay

JAD Session Situation: The JAD team wants you to draw up a checklist of requirements for the new inventory system. The proposed system will provide more information and faster updates, and automatically monitor fast- or slow-moving items.

1. List the five main categories of system requirements. The five main system requirement categories are Outputs, Inputs, Processes, Performance, and Controls. 2. Use your imagination, and provide at least one example per category of a system requirement that might be appropriate for an inventory system.Outputs: The inventory system must show the number of items in inventory with 1-hour accuracy.

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Inputs: The system must be compatible with standard data entry hardware such as POS systems and bar code scanners. Processes: The inventory system must calculate the number of items currently on hand in all locations including warehouses. Performance: The system must display 99. 9% uptime during business hours. Control: The system must operate with existing employee ID’s and apply the principle of least privilege security.

3. The project leader wants you to explain the concept of scalability to the team.How will you do that? Scalability is the ability of a system to handle incrementing amounts of data and the ability to grow with the business without a fundamental redesign. In other words, the system will perpetuate to handle incrementing business requisites such as more items, locations, users, etc. Scalability requisites should be vividly defined if incremented scalability is compulsory. 4. Several managers on the team have heard of TCO but are not sure what it is. How will you explain it to them? TCO refers to Total Cost of Ownership.

TCO takes into account not just the cost of a system but also the associated costs of running it over a period. Such costs include utility power, property data center, staffing, backup, data management, and other costs needed to keep a system operational. When the TCO is not taken into account, it is hard to calculate if a system displays good value or return on investment.

Oftentimes a new system may cost more than an old one but have lower TCO making the new system a better value despite initially higher cost thus representing a cost savings.


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