It’s time to Say goodbye to “English fever” Essay

A few days ago, the 2013 independent recruitment universities claimed to cancel the English examination, which caused a great debate. In the background that the fever of “English on all lips” has been cooling, people have to face the problems existed in English education system. Except English, maybe there is no other disciplines that cause such a “national movement” in China. In fact, the “English fever” in China has lasted for 30 years. As early as the beginning of the reform and opening, and as China was just opening up, many people realized that they need to communicate with the outside world through English, so they can’t wait to learn English. In the 1990s, the success of Wenquxin, walkman and New Oriental made footnotes for the “English fever” of the time. Nowadays, in Chinese education system, English is mandatory for every student , starting in the third grade and ending until Dr.

graduation. In English education, the most important thing is the CET examinations. And English examination is not simply a review to a discipline, but gradually turns to a standard of measuring schools and officials’achievement. The “English fever” has been pushed to a climax step by step.

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However, “English fever” not only costs a lot of educational resources, but also weakens the Chinese learning. Actually, our fundamental English education is “Exam-oriented English”, the aim of English learning is to get high grades in the exam and enter good college. That’s why we spend so many resources but the English education level doesn’t get improved.

Nowadays, “Chinglish”, “ Deaf English” are still around us, many students’ English ability still stay at a very low level. Our country is serious lacking in high-end English talents like simultaneous translation talents and written translation talents. We should take actions to deal with the “English fever”. Some independent recruitment universities don’ t have requirements for English from 2013.

And the Commission of Education in Shanghai asked some local universities to start a reform of college English teaching from this autumn.Li Yang, the founder of Crazy English, wholeheartedly agreed to cancel the college entrance English examination. Also, the New Oriental’s chairman Yu Minhong pointed that our country shouldn’t put English education in such an important position in last year’s two sessions. When he was asked how to view “the national English fever” nationally, he said “ I don’t agree that the whole nation should learn English.” As far as I am concerned, when our country’s English education cannot meet the requirements of social development, maybe it’s time to take reforms and we need to say goodbye to “the national English fever”.


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