It’s those scrubby things or sugar rub

It’s no big secret that lose skin is a major complaint amongpost-pregnant women, how to do you get rid of that loose skin and get back inshape? Here are a six main points you probably dint to know to help you loseskin after pregnancy:Hit the gymOnce the doctor gives you the go ahead be ready to hit theground learning, as they say. Exercise, there is no going around. Focus onstrength training and workouts that target your tummy directly such as sit-ups,planks, pelvic tilts etc. Exercise is a way great way to reduce body weightwhich helps a great deal to reduce that loose skin.

Tummy targeted exerciseshelp tighten the muscles within which get a hold of the loose skin, which shouldbe about time! Drink waterTake in as much water as possible, doctor’s advice gulpingabout 2 litres spread out in a day. Hydration helps to keep your skin more elastic,pulling that sagging skin together which helps in reducing the loose skin. Youcould also throw in some fruits that have high water content such aswatermelons and cucumber. If you haven’t been drinking water this should be a goodreason to begin. ExfoliateIf you want the easiest way to rid that loose skin, well,here it is. Exfoliation. Exfoliation is defined as the removal of dead old skincells on the outermost surface of our body.

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This can be done by using one ofthose scrubby things or sugar rub as you take a hot shower. This might beparticularly be hard when dealing with a new born but try to get some time todo this. This is why; exfoliation increases blood flow and improves theregeneration of new healthier elastic skin. Try it out! Lotions and MassagesWhen trying to get rid of that loose skin, there can be nobetter and easier way than lotions and massages so try out lotions preferablythat contain Collagen and Vitamins A, C, K and E. Rub the lotion on the looseskin and then massage the skin gently. This helps in increasing blood flow andmakes the loose skin tighter. Experts advice that to get the most out of this,this method should be done twice a day for a few weeks and wait for theincredible results!  Maintain a HealthydietContinuing good dietary habits is also a great to get rid ofloose skin.

Proteins especially ,is the way to go, as they contain collagenwhich help to make your skin tighter and the skin more elastic rather thanskinny and grumpy. A good addition would also be a good fruit pudding, wholegrains and leafy veggies just to ensure you are getting the right nutrients formuch more healthy skin and healthy body! Breastfeeding Although this may come as a price, breast feeding isactually one of the most recommended ways to get rid of that loose skin. It’slike the one of those natural self-fixing mechanisms. Breastfeeding helps toreduce that pregnancy weight which in turn prevents sagging skin. You mightactually be lucky enough to lose all that pregnancy weight by justbreastfeeding! We are all different and you might find out that what worksout for another might not work for you, try different tips but always make agood practice of always consulting  youdoctor as you embark on any of the listed ways. You might find out that theonly way to rid loose skin might be cosmetic surgery. But not to worry thereare far much many more options available including laser and infraredtreatments.

Find out what is best for you and all the best as you embark onthis endeavor!


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