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It gives me pleasure to writethis letter in support of Mr. Sachit Puri, an applicant to your esteemeduniversity. I have known him as an undergraduate student of our department forlast 3 years.

I have taught him the course Mechanical Measurement &Metrology (5TH semester). Through my observation, I found him to beintelligent, inquisitive and enthusiastic. He is among top 10% students of theclass having strength of 75. Sachit was unquestionably one ofthe most able students in the class and his effort consistently reflected alevel of insightfulness. He always tries to explore several fields andembellish his skills, as he participated in two national level technical eventsheld at IIT-Kanpur Techfest Techkriti’15.

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 He bagged second position in “Crime run” event in which he made a pickand place robot, while the other event of participation was “Wild Soccer”, animportant event of robotics field itself. He also organized three technicalevents during Technical fest “aDAVitya’16” held at the college. His reportswere always prepared on time and he was happy to voice his own viewpointsduring class discussions. His communication skills are also admirable whichhelped him present his innovative thoughts and it was very well observed whenhe gave in class presentations on various emerging topics.Besides academics, he is alsoexcellent in sports. He was captain of Basketball team and the team won variousinter-college matches under his captaincy .He also has keen interests in socialwork. He always embraced the opportunity of participating in extracurricularactivities like dancing and several events like debate and declamation.

He wasalso a member of placement team of college which shows that he possessesseveral skills that make him an all-rounder.He is well-trained, ambitious and very open-minded. I strongly believe that hehas the potential to be an outstanding student at your university. I, therefore,recommend him for admission to your Masters program.                                                                                                                                                                   


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