It is arguably the most advanced course

It is with great pleasure that I recommend AndersYding for admission to the MSc Economics programme at the London School ofEconomics. I came to know Anders when I was his teacher in the course EconometricsII during the fall semester of 2017. The course covers modern time serieseconometrics and includes topics such as dynamic time series, cointegrationanalysis, and generalized method of moments. It is arguably the most advancedcourse in the bachelor’s programme. Anders performed exceptionally well in the course.

Hedisplayed a quick grasp of new theoretical concepts and demonstrated a thoroughunderstanding during the discussion of empirical results. The students wererequired to hand in at least four of five written papers investigating relevantempirical questions. Anders handed in five impressive assignments thatreflected his great quantitative skills and willingness to go beyond what isrequired. His written work is concise and clear-cut, and his comprehension ofthe econometric methods and applications is excellent. Anders’ grades serve asa testament to his diligence and outstanding academic performance. His GPA of11.3 ranks him well above the 95% percentile of 10.6.

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 In classes and during group work, Anders alsodemonstrated great communication skills. Anders’ comments are always wellthought out, and he articulates his arguments in a logical and convincing manner.A part of the course was that students gave peer-feedback on each other’s work.Anders’ sound critical sense and acceptance towards constructive criticism fromhis peers led to an improvement of his written work.

As a person, Anders is pleasant and sociable with a good sense of humour. He ismeticulous and careful in his work as he clearly demonstrated in hisassignments, and he always came well-prepared. Not only was Anders zealous tounderstand the material, he was also very attentive to the assumptions made andtheir economic implications in each of the topics. Anders and I both work in Financial Statistics atDanmarks Nationalbank, the Danish central bank. He regularly takes on a high degreeof responsibility, and he is assigned tasks that require him to draw on hisanalytical and communication skills. For example, he has successfully carriedout and presented analyses of economic and statistical data.

Anders is alwayseager to learn about new areas of economics, and he often participates inresearch seminars to widen his horizon. Finally, he is very well-regarded byhis colleagues; both as an economist andas a person. I believe Anders is an exceptional candidate for theMSc Economics, and I have every confidence in his ability to succeed as agraduate student at the LSE.

I am certain that he would be a valuable additionto your programme. Without reservation, I am delighted to offer my highestrecommendation for Anders. I hope my letter proves helpful, and I will be happyto provide you with any further information.


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