It engineering including ground control, strata monitoring

It is my pleasure to provide this recommendation for Aman Soni as he applies for admission as a Ph.

D. student at the University of Arizona. As Aman’s department head at the National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NIRM), I have worked closely with him over the past six months. During this time, Aman has showed excellent technical, research and analytical skills and consistently exceeded the organization’s expectations. I have been working at NIRM, an institute under the Ministry of Mines, India for the past 27 years. Currently, I am working as Scientist F. Throughout my career, I have worked in the field of rock mechanics in the mining and civil engineering including ground control, strata monitoring and stability analysis of excavations using numerical modelling. First, Aman brought great value to NIRM by consistently performing well in his projects after he joined the institute in June 2017.

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He has a thorough understanding of applied geomechanics and instincts for identifying glitches and pursuing intelligent solutions. Last fall, for instance, he worked for an underground zinc mining project as a temporary replacement but impressed the clients so much that he has been taken a permanent project member and has been working closely with our geotechnical department ever since. Aman has the combination of technical acumen and research skills that make him an outstanding scientist. Second, Aman has a very strong grasp of technology. He knows the continuum modelling software thoroughly and helps provide technical solutions to clients in an accessible way. He makes the most of technological avenues to optimize a problem scenario provided to him. He is also responsible to conduct audits at underground mines and provide solutions to import the prevalent ground control plan. Aman makes the most of technology to find innovative prospects and provide modern solutions.

 Finally, Aman has proven himself to be a strong cultural fit here at NIRM. He is very helpful towards his teammates and colleagues and actively contributes to technical discussions and meetings. He is an active member of our department and supports his colleagues professionally and personally. I would like to restate my strong recommendation for Aman’s application in his desire to pursue Ph.

D. at your organization. I’m confident that he will exceed your expectations and would be an invaluable member of your research group. Aman is motivated, self-confident, proactively helpful, and technically strong, and I know he will continue to find success in future endeavors.


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