IT challange Essay

1.IT challangetime , have to talk to different people accross the globe with different personality.should have a broad view towards people at work.2.

Fun – weekend project parties.outingclub3.benifitsMy Advice to somebody who would like to join ITI will advice a colleage student, who wants to join IT , to join IT and enjoy the challanges and fun at work.Working in IT industry , mainly the indian IT industries is full of challanges.Time is the main challange in indian IT industry. Most of the Indian IT company has grown upwith their business because of the outsourceing done by big foreign companies.

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Most of them are of US orign.There is a time lag of approximately 12hours between India and US.But for business need employees of both the companies have to make call among them to bring the status update  or other formal meetings.Most of the cases the employees located at India have to bear the burnt and work overnight becasue he is the service provider and suppose to help the the employee of the company who outsourced the project.Beside the time , due to globalization most of the IT company has branch located throughout the world .Employees of the same company of those different countries need to meet and discuss for their business need.That may cause a conflict because of personality difference or context difference.for these reasons the employee should have a broad view towards the people at work .

They need to understand thecontext (High or Low Context) of people of different country.Knowing the context of different country and practice those are challanging works .Though there are many wellknown challanges working in an IT comapany ,there are inbuilt fun inside those challanges.IT employees enjoy therir weekend by weekend parties arranged by the project team . Sometime they enjoy outingwith their team .

Also there are fun activities which happen per month after the office hours.Hence to join a IT company will be the right choice for anyone who can face the challanges at work.Fun activity is the complementary part of the challange.Hence my advice to a college student is “come andface the challange and enjoy the fun”.


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