It began. The researcher also informed them

It isobserved that the researcher considered ethical issues in conducting theresearch in the sense that before the researcher conducted her study in the schools, the researcher explainedthe aim and objectivesof the research to the Government authorities of Morogoro region specifically in urban and rural district government and sought permissionto carry out the study in their schools.

The district officials issued letters of permission togo into the schools and conducted the research. At each school, theinformed consent of the heads of the schools and teachers was obtained beforethe data collection began. The researcher also informed them of their right to withdraw when they felt like doing so. Luckily, all the teachers who were approached to participate in the studyagreed. To ensure confidentiality the researcher conducted interviews in a place that theteachers preferred.

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Before conducting the interview, the researcher assured the participants that all data collected during the interviews would be kept securely and treated as confidential. To maintain confidentiality, the schools and all theparticipants were given anonymous names in the data analysis and interpretation. Therefore, private data identifying the teacher and their schools was not included in the report. Instead, names and other identifying features were assigned to them. When the teachers in this study were assured of anonymity, they relaxed because they may have been afraid of giving information that would imply that theteaching of environmental education was not beingimplemented as expected. In research, potential harm can be associated with the participants’ involvement in givingtheir views, perceptions, concerns, and feelings (Cohen, L.

, Manion, L., & Morrison, K., 2000). As for the consequencesof the study, the researcher assured all the schools and individualteachers that she would take full responsibilityfor the consequences arising from the study.

This is in line with Kvale (1996),who pointed out thatconsideration of the consequencesor benefits to the larger group which thesample for the study is representing should be done. Followingthe guidelines discussedin this chapter, the results of my study will be presentedin the next chapter.


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