Isaiah They are some ways you can

        Isaiah Gill, Gaven CarterResearch project Miller 1-10-18           PH is the measurement of acidity or alkaline in a fluid. Seven is safe to drink while numbers towards one is acidic and towards four-teen is too much of a base. If the Ph level is at at a certain level it could give you a headache  on because  of the alkali metals . The alkali metal in the water may cause slow bone loss .

Or in some cases it can reduce acid reflux. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to drink. Bacteria in the water or diseases from other animals who have become in contact with it can harm you.           They are some ways you can tell if  there is too much acidity in the water .

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1. If the water tastes funny or sour . 2. Is the water stained your clothes .3. If you run the water in the sinks , it will stain the sink blue or green and /or other households water areas .

We are testing all these water in our regions lakes and river and compare it to the waters that comes out of our homes. So the science in our project is to test the waters and see whats it it , and see what it takes to cure it like the water company does .          The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies and regulates the amount of contaminants in drinking water. An MCL is the maximum allowable amount of a contaminant in drinking water. The Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA) was passed in 1974 to protect consumers from contaminated drinking water.             In today’s society the water in our creek and rivers are filled with trash and useless materials so the government made a system on how to clean the waters . But there are certain steps on how you should do it .

The first step is Coagulation and Flocculation .  Basically the part of the treatment is adding positive charges to the water . When you add the positive charge to the water ,it gets rid of the dirt and bacteria . The second step to cure water like the government is sedimentation.

In this process the water settles down and all the debris that’s left in there settles to the bottom because it’s heavier than the water .The third step to this process is filtration. When that step come all the debris is at the bottom of the bottle or container and the clear water stays on top .The water goes through a filter to get all the debris and bacteria , viruses and chemicals .The last step to cure the water from your nearby creeks and river is the process called disinfection .

Disinfection is when you add chemicals like chlorine or something close to that chemical to the water .The chemical kills all remaining bacteria and viruses to protect germs and anything else through the pipe lines to our homes . If you wanna clean ur own water from the lakes and creek , thats the process you would have to do .            


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