Is This Really the Solutions to Economic Crisis ? Essay

Think not your country can give for you, hence think of what you can do toyour country, this is the famous quotation of John F. Kennedy which has something to do with the controversial R. H. Bill. Are we aware of this RH Bill that is about to become a law? What are its provisions that can help and harm us? Could this be the solution of economic problem in a family?There are many premonitions about RH Bill, one of these is the in human perspective of the church and also to some of the conservative groups; however there are also some that is positive to RH Bill which would agree that this bill must be a law. These pro of the RH bill are the people that would like to debate in order for the pursuance of the bill. But the question is, what is the concept of RH bill?Are the thoughts and time consuming effort of the congressmen would be worthy enough in the pursuance of RH Bill to become a law? And so before I will go deeper with my standing about RH Bill, I would like to emphasize that RH Bill has the same perspective with House bill #4244 an act providing for a comprehensive policy on responsible parenthood, reproductive health and population and development and Senate Bill # 2378 an act providing for a national policy on reproductive health and population and development.

I will begin with RH Bill definition that this bill aims to guarantee universal access to methods on contraception, abortion, fertility control, sexual education and maternal care. With this kind of objective surely there will be widespread distribution of family planning devices such as condoms, birth control pills and IUD’s so that people will have a satisfying sex life and enable them to know literally the relevance of RH Bill.Could this really be the reason or are we just leading to be out of nowhere since we are already outnumbered in population that in one way or another made our economy unstable.

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Come to think of it everyone! According to experts, that those family with many siblings and surely will become illiterate and malnourished are those people that will rely most of the time with the subsidy of the government. But why was it that we are always aiming help from the government? From the bills that our congressmen will be making ?Would all of these can really help us? Let us put into consideration that RH Bill will be passed , surely there will be a decrease in birth rate, and so how can the government manage to have an old age population? Naturally there will be no one to work anymore or even no one will survive and for that our economy will turned to be still unstable. Oh, are you beginning to think different now? Well for me my answer to all of these is DISCIPLINE! Discipline to oneself. Let us think first before doing anything.Let us always consider our good contribution to other people. Simply we must not be greedy.

If there is an opportunity to be educated then finish schooling. Let everyone obey a saying that tells “mind over matter”. Let us always remember that there will be no one starving if we will do our part in dealing it positively by having courage and strength in pursuing our goals in life which is to have a bright future that would lead to a stable economy in our country. Thank you very much for listening.


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