Is the Education System of Bangladesh Responsible for the ‘Moral Failure’ and ‘Corruption’ in the Country? Essay

Is the Education system of Bangladesh responsible for the ‘moral failure’ and ‘corruption’ in the country? -Research Paper Prepared By: Masroor H. Khan 0930351530 Prepared for: Deena Forkan (DF) Eng 105.

12 12th DECEMBER 2010 Acknowledgements I would like to thank Almighty Allah for giving me the patience and the ability to work hard with tremendous devotion. First and foremost thanks to our Course Instructor, Mrs.Deena Forkan (DF) for her invaluable guidance, encouragement and suggestions throughout the entire Eng 105 course. Without her support and confidence in me, it would not have been possible to complete and submit this research paper. I am deeply indebted to my friends without whom this report would not have been a success. Their invaluable suggestion and information have taught me much and as a result preparing this research paper has been a very positive and uplifting experience.My Mom and Dad have been instrumental in inspiring me all throughout my life and especially in the last week during my late night studies, they have been taking a lot of care of me ensuring that I am comfortable and focused.

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My brother has been very kind in guiding me through this. Most importantly, I thank all those people who have participated in the research survey for me. Special thanks to: Mr.

Mofizul Islam, Senior Teacher, Bangladesh International School, Dhaka; Zeeshan Rahman, Sharfuddin Chowdhury, Fariha Tabassum (friends, Studying in NSU).Abstract This is a research conducted on a very critical issue and in the introduction, exposing the falling standards of education in our country and relating it with moral failure and corruption in the country was the first task. Then a brief background of the situation of education system in our country is presented. There are four areas of research that have been found focusing on the identification of the symptoms of flawed education system, investigating the reasons behind them, the impact it creates and the remedies that we have from the threat.The hypothesis is stated in a precise way to relate the findings of the research and come towards a proper status of the research by either having the hypothesis proven right or incorrect.

The description of the methodology is provided vividly where major emphasis is made on primary data. Primary data analysis is made after conducting a small scale survey and then data from secondary sources and its analysis is also provided.In the conclusion, it is stated whether the hypothesis is proven incorrect or correct and then some solid recommendations to the problems are provided which will help to improve a concerning situation. Table of Contents Number| Item| Page number| 1. | Introduction| 1| 2| Background| 2| 3| Areas of Research| 3| 4.

| Hypothesis| 6| 5. | Methodology| 7| 6. | Primary data Analysis | 8| 7. | Secondary data Analysis| 15| 8.

| Limitations| 17| 9. | Conclusion| 18| 10. | Recommendations| 19| 11. | Reference List| 20|


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