Is Illness and Obesity Related to Fast Food Consumption? Essay

Is illness and obesity related to fast food consumption an individual responsibility or a corporate responsibility? I think illness and obesity related to fast food consumption is both by individual responsibility and corporate responsibility.

The corporate can have a carelessly prepared burger, fires, or anything else on the menu, and get the customer sick but even if they don’t if an individual continues to eat an unreasonable amount of burgers per day; everyday then they will get sick regardless.The reason for this is because eating too much of one thing is not good for anyone. People know that fast food is especially not healthy for them, so if they would like to eat it all the time then Name: Arthel Black they should take some precautions and decide to work-out regularly and on the days they don’t eat out they should eat something relatively healthy.

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They should have put in effort and take time out of their daily schedule to educate themselves on the ingredients that are inside the food they decide to eat.On the other hand corporate businesses should be taking extra special care with the products to ensure that their products are not undercook or overcook because eating un-cook meat can and will give a person illness. The company should also be telling the Name: Arthel Black customers what exactly that they are eating, so that the customers can decide whether or not they want to continue eating this product or if they want to cut down on this product.Everyone deserves to know what they’re eating and if the company doesn’t inform customers of the types of ingredients inside their products then I believe they fail on their part and deserve to get blamed. However if the company does take all those precautions and the customer still ends up with an illness or gets obese then that’s the individual’s responsibility.Overall I believe that its both individual and corporate responsibility for any type of illness or obesity depending on the situation.Bibliography:“Health Affairs.

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