Irony In Oedipus Rex Essay Research Paper

Irony In Oedipus Rex Essay, Research PaperOedipus Rex, by the Grecian dramatist Sophocles, is, without a uncertainty, one of the greatest illustrations of dramatic sarcasm. There are many cases where the audience knows so much more than the chief characters, and Sophocles uses sarcasm to indicate to Oedipus as Laius & # 8217 ; murderer every bit good. Additionally, Oedipus is most decidedly a tragic hero-he had a tragic defect, viz.

that he was relentless and frequently roseola in his hunt for the truth about Laius & # 8217 ; decease and his slayer ; this finally lead to Oedipus & # 8217 ; ain devastation. He besides refuses to compromise or humble himself before others and stubbornly garbages to let others to show different sentiments from their ain. Oedipus is so chesty and self-assured that he challenges the will of the Gods ( hence, the full footing of the drama ) .One of the early illustrations of dramatic sarcasm in the drama is during the scene in which Oedipus accuses Creon of plotting against him with Teiresias, an old, unsighted prophesier. Creon is a great friend to Oedipus, and Teiresias, by at first declining to uncover the liquidator is seeking to protect Oedipus, non plot against him. This is dry because what is really happening is the antonym of what is perceived. Additionally, it is highly dry that Teiresias is blind.

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His old age represents his wisdom, and his physical sightlessness is dry because he is able to see the world in Oedipus & # 8217 ; state of affairs. Conversely, Oedipus is non physically blind, but is unable to see the truth. During the drama Teiresias reminds Oedipus of his ability to work out the conundrum of the Sphinx in the yesteryear, and he presenT another conundrum. The sarcasm of the conundrums is that although Oedipus had solved the first one to raise Thebes’ pestilence, he did non recognize that it was symbolic of his ain life. To lend to the sarcasm, Oedipus curses Laius’ liquidator and vows to revenge the former king’s decease.

He is virtually reprobating himself. His addresss foreshadow his at hand doom- he is destined by the Gods to be a victim, and there is nil he can make to get away the destiny he one time learned of from the prophet.As a tragic hero, Oedipus is the authoritative definition. He has many features of a great leader- strong, unsloped, clever, proud, chesty, etc. However, these properties besides add to his ruin.

He makes, rash, hasteful determinations at times, particularly in forepart of the people. When Teiresias and Creon encourage him to talk in private of what they have discovered, he refuses to listen because he can non conceive of that it would perchance see a affair that would slander him. Oedipus is shocked when Teiresias tells him the truth, and so reverses the accusal by declaring that Teiresias really is responsible or Laius & # 8217 ; slaying. Therefore, we can see that Oedipus is rich, proud, and stubborn. He does non wish to see the world of the situation- and his practical sightlessness will take him do himself physically blind in the terminal when he eventually sees his errors.This authoritative Grecian drama is so one of most adept illustrations of sarcasm and a tragic hero. Sophocles & # 8217 ; ability to keep back information and usage sarcasm to construct up suspense is alone.

He efficaciously creates an challenging secret plan with his strong, well-developed characters.


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