Investigating Robbery, Burglary and Larceny Essay

Investigating a instance of robbery requires using all the of import elements involved in condemnable probe get downing with offense scene processing. questioning both victims and informants. possible method analysis of commiting offense. and look intoing records. The incident of the robbery occurs so rapidly. most of the victims are either in a province of daze or surprise.

Hence. victims’ statement should be decently analyzed and research workers should be careful about possibilities of incorrect appraisal of things by perpetrator’s age. tallness. and weight by the victim. The of import facet of initial probe is to hold careful retrieval of information nowadays in victim’s subconscious head.

Probe in burglary Begins with the offense scene and it begins with entry and issue. The possibilities of acquiring fingerprint grounds have been higher at the above mentioned two topographic points as at these topographic points the wrongdoer may take off his baseball mitts. A really close analysis of the exact entry point is required.

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The possibilities of a forced entry and the usage of any tool have to be ascertained. Apart from these. other physical groundss in signifier of dusts and little dust should be collected as these little spots sometimes connects with offender’s vesture. tools and the stolen articles. This signifier of offense is stealth in nature. possibilities of a informant are black and the whole concatenation of perpetrated offense scene is being created by associating assorted smaller elements in a concatenation of events.

Larceny has been a offense of chances with possibilities of commission can be any local scene. Investigation bureau looks into the topographic point of incident and attempts to determine the cyclicity of theft in that country. Even the frequence of the incident of theft is being correlated with the articles that are of being stolen.

As in this instance besides. possibilities of acquiring a informant is black. the probe bureaus look of any CCTV footage to acquire clasp of culprit and in instance of absence of any ocular aid. a list of all visitants is developed and are interviewed over certain issues like the intent of visit and information they could supply about other visitants.


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