Invention And Commercialization Of New Products Or Services Commerce Essay


Invention can be defined as the innovation and commercialisation of new merchandises or services based on the application of technological and/or market cognition ( Hitt & A ; Ireland, 2000 )Kuczmarski, Middlebrooks, & A ; Swaddling ( 2000 ) suggested that invention brings a new sensed benefit or value to a client, employee, or stockholder. The new sensed benefit scopes from minimum to monolithic and may be functional, psychological, emotional, or fiscal. For illustration, a procedure invention could convey a time-saving benefit to employees.

To introduce is to present something new – an thought, method or device – it is a combination of procedures: bring forthing new thoughts and their execution. It ‘s a type of alteration which can be either a series of stairss or one immense spring towards in a coveted way which calls for good leading and direction at all degrees of the administration. Good leaders will excite people to be more ‘hands on ‘ and interested in their work, and in bend, this will take to the coevals of more good thoughts ( Adair & A ; Thomas, 2004 ) .New merchandise development ( NPD ) is virtually established as the most feasible tool for long-run corporate growing if decently managed ( Ilori, Oke & A ; A Sanni, 2000 ) . The uninterrupted development and market debut of new merchandises is an of import determiner of sustained house public presentation ( Hardy, 1996 ) .

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Several surveies have been devoted to look into how little medium endeavors ( SME ‘s ) manage their NPD procedure. For illustration, Huang, Soutar & A ; Brown ( 2002 ) examined the NPD procedure in Australian SMEs and established that market-related activities were manage severely and improperly executed than proficient activities. However, their analysis merely examined the assorted activities through the NPD procedure, and did non see activities emphasized in each phase.

March-Chorda, Gunasekaran & A ; Lloria-Aramburo ( 2002 ) studied the determiners of NPD in Spanish SMEs, and concluded that the cost of the new undertaking and the market uncertainness were major factors detering SMEs ‘ battle in NPD. Hadjimanolis ( 2000 ) studied the background of invention activity in little houses in Cyprus utilizing house informations and found that scheme, outgo on R & A ; D, cooperation with external engineering suppliers, usage of technological information beginnings, and overall public presentation of the house were the chief determiners of the house ‘s invention activities.Similarly, recent surveies have examined the Nigerian private sector in general and the industrial sub-sector in peculiar. Forrest ( 1994 ) conducted an impressive nose count of the growing of an autochthonal private sector. Brautigam ( 1997 ) documented how local industrialists in southeast Nigeria substituted for the absence of a developmental province.

Nnadozie ( 2002 ) examined the revival and growing of Igbo entrepreneurship after Biafra.


The research aims to cover these aims:- What factors trigger merchandise invention in the company?- What are the challenges to the company ‘s advanced procedure in the short and long tally and how it intends to get the better of them?- To measure authorities attempts in back uping little concerns through policies ( with respects to the seven point docket and vision 2020 ) and making an encouraging concern environment, as commonsense suggests, and academic surveies agree, that concern environment enables entrepreneurial activity and encouragements enterprise public presentation ( Agboli & A ; Ukaegbu, 2006 ) .


The research attempts to understand the invention procedure of PMS electrical fabrication Nigeria Limited. A fabrication company located in Nnewi, Anambra State, the Eastern part of Nigeria. The company is the innovator and merely maker of electrical accoutrements of its sort in Nigeria and as such is strategically positioned to command a good proportion of the available market. PMS presently has 13 merchandise lines in the market which are ; wall switches, 13 As fused stoppers ( with visible radiation, sockets and exchange stoppers ) , switch sockets, junction boxes, 25mm moulded box, 5amp ceiling rose, etc.

The company is an offspring and subordinate of Globelight Nigeria Limited which started off as a retail merchant in electrical goods in 1980. PMS was incorporated in 1989 as a private company limited by portions, with an initial capital of 150,000 Naira and increased to over 1,000,000 Naira. It is a household concern in its first coevals where ownership and direction duty rests on the household.Production of high quality Bakelite electrical accoutrements kicked off three old ages subsequently with the 25mm deep moulded box and other merchandise lines followed suit. It presently has staff strength of 94, 20 seven machines and two 315kva generating set. The company ‘s production procedure is both manual and semi- automatic i.e. it uses compacting machines which are manually fed by infixing the molds incorporating the basic natural stuff ( resins ) into the pits.

Prior to this procedure, the rosin for each procedure is weighed into the molds so to the compression machine where it ‘s been shaped into the coveted merchandise so polished before the brass constituents and prison guards are inserted utilizing electric semi-driver drills, frontward to quality control and in conclusion, packaging.


The Nigerian economic system was fundamentally agricultural before colonisation ; the agricultural economic system was supported with assorted trade plants on which the local industries ( of low engineering ) thrived. With the coming of colonialism in late 19th to mid-20th century, agricultural merchandises were exported abroad encouraging provincials to bring forth at full capacity. After independency in 1960, fabricating engineering had been intensified, and the byproducts of agribusiness were manufactured in the modern manner for internal ingestion. Constantly, attempts by authorities and persons intensified on the constitution of industries, therefore, many industries in the countries of agro allied, fabrics, ceramics, drinks, edifice stuffs were set up ( Shokan, 2000 ) .

However, by the early 1970s, big petroleum oil militias were discovered in Nigeria, and geographic expedition commenced. Nigeria earned immense foreign exchange chances from exporting big measures of rough oil. Unfortunately, the states gain in the oil sector was non directed towards the development of the industrial sector, hence the industrial sector could non do important parts to the Nigerian economic system ( Akinbogun, 2008 ) .Despite major stairss taken to further the private sector in Nigeria ‘s economic and societal development through economic reorientation policies, publicity of non-oil little and average endeavor ( SME ) development and foreign investing, fiscal reforms, and battle against corruptness. These attempts and impulse is attributable to the return of a democratic authorities are reflected in the “ betterment and optimism indexes ” compiled by the World Economic Forum ‘s Africa Competitiveness Report ( WEF, 2003 ) , which ranks Nigeria 4th among 12 African states in footings of betterment and first in footings of “ optimism. ”A good concern environment or investing clime will promote private houses to be good managed and efficient, be profitable to turn, make occupations, increase the rate of economic growing, and cut down poorness ( Development Gateway 2004 ) .

Gnyawali and Fogel ( 1994 ) view the concern environment as the overall economic, socio-cultural and political factors that influence people ‘s willingness and ability to set about entrepreneurial activities.An inauspicious concern environment can increase production costs well. It is estimated that the fabrication sector in Nigeria has to bear extra indirect costs amounting to 16 per centum of gross revenues because of constrictions in the concern environment ( Larossi, Mousley & A ; Radwan, 2009 ) .


Harmonizing to the Central Bank of Nigeria ( 2003 ) little scale endeavor can be defined as an industry with a labour size of 11-100 workers or a entire cost of non more than 50 million naira, including working capital but excepting cost of land. Nigeria ‘s National Council on Industry defined SME in footings of employment as one with between 10 and 300 employeesIn the United States of America, the Small Business Administration ( 2003 ) has assorted definitions for little concerns depending on the type of industry. Manufacturing and excavation concerns with fewer than 500 employees are considered little concerns while concerns in sweeping trade industries must hold fewer than 100 employees.

For other industries, such as retail and building, concerns are classified based on one-year gross.Tybout ( 2000 ) highlighted the fabrication sector as the favorite of policy shapers in less developed states ( LDCs ) because it is viewed as the taking border of modernisation, skilled occupation creative activity, every bit good as a cardinal beginning of assorted positive spillovers. He farther pointed out authorities engagement through particular revenue enhancement grants and comparatively low duty rates for importers of fabricating machinery and equipment.The CBN conducted a study in 2003 and described characteristics of SME ‘S one of the general characteristics of SMEs is that they are either exclusive proprietaries or partnerships.

Even when registered as a limited liability company, which is simply on paper. Second, most SMEs have labour intensive production procedures, centralised direction and have limited entree to long-run capital ; even their entree to short-run funding is unequal and sometime attained at a penal rate of involvement and other conditionality.Another major characteristic of many SMEs is their over-dependence on imported natural stuffs and trim parts.

Many enterprisers who set up and pull off SME ‘s deficiency the appropriate direction accomplishments and due to miss of equal capital or sheer ignorance of technological progresss, such enterprisers purchase disused and inefficient equipments thereby puting the phase “ ab initio ” ( from the beginning ) , for lower degree of productiveness and hapless merchandise quality with serious effects on merchandise end product and market acceptableness.In a recent study by the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria ( 2009 ) the sector ‘s public presentation decreased from about 13 % in the 1980 ‘s to a flooring 4.13 % in 2008 as a consequence of the planetary economic crisis which destabilized macroeconomic variables taking to a decrease in capacity use of the sector and impeding the possible growing in the sector based on guesss sing certain economic variables and challenges such as depreciation of the value of the naira, addition in the cost of natural stuffs procurance, high involvement rate, increased revenue enhancements by province and local authorities, port congestion as 48 hours lading glade is non working, relentless hapless power supply, high cost of crude oil green goods and more.


Spring & A ; McDade ( 1998 ) outlined some factors restricting the growing of little endeavors in Africa, including deficiency of entree to capital, deficiency of concern preparation of proprietors, and hapless installations. They noted that legal demands and ordinances for set uping and runing formal sector concerns work against the enlargement of houses, runing in size from micro to more visibly little and moderate-sized concerns. This leads enterprisers to prefer to diversify into other micro-enterprises instead than spread out or upgrade bing 1s.Harmonizing to the World Development Report ( 2005 ) , electricity is the biggest substructure job in developing states, and larger houses express more concerns than smaller houses about all services. The irregular power supply affects all other sectors of industrial fabrication.

Regular power supply is the anchor of industrial fabrication, nevertheless, the ceaseless power failure is one of the factors responsible for the high cost of fabrication in Nigeria. Nigeria depends fundamentally on hydroelectric power coevals which is deficient in run intoing the demands of the state as a whole and does non match with the entire energy required in the state ( Agboli & A ; Ukaegbu, 2006 ) .Mimiko ( 2002 ) identified two critical characteristics that define Nigeria ‘s economic system since 1960 ; the first is a high leaning for policy turnover ensuing from acute political instability. And the 2nd characteristic is authorities inclination at pull offing the more peripheral indexes of the economic system, the attendant marginalisation of the productive orientation and development docket.

The policies that have negatively affected the small-scale industries in general are the pecuniary policies, export and import policies, and ceaseless upward reappraisal of crude oil merchandises monetary values.Kilby ( 2003 ) articulately reiterated his longstanding thesis on the jobs of managerial coordination and control in developing states. He noted that the managerial spreads, particularly the reluctance to depute power and authorization, would hold been more seeable if the external turbulency had been less utmostIn 2004, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation ( UNIDO ) stated that Nigeria had really high costs for the most of import inputs when compared to the input costs of a panel of states with which it competes ( Young-Ahiaume, 2004 )A study conducted by the Regional Program on Enterprise Development ( RPED ) which explained that value added per worker is driven by house size. The smallest houses have the lowest value added and the really big houses have a value added per worker that is significantly greater than other types of houses.

Local houses have less than half the value added of houses with foreign equity, and houses owned by autochthonal enterprisers have a lower value added than houses owned by enterprisers of non-African descent.

MANAGING Invention

There are several challenges impacting the invention procedure these occur from the thought coevals phase to the commercialization of the thought. This research will see a few of those challenges.One of the major barriers to invention is creativeness. Large corporations lack the motivational capacity of little companies to foster or actuate advanced people who have new, originative and break-through thoughts. However, some companies rely upon historical experience to assist them work out their jobs and come with solutions ( Marnix, 2006 ) . Creativity in new merchandise development can be approached in different ways, such as engineering driven merchandise development or in some instances companies have been successful through a thorough apprehension of the client demands ( Mahesh & A ; James, 2008, p.

1021 ) .The degree of precedence given to the invention procedure in an administration affects its execution and contributes to its accomplishment. Many administrations itemise invention as portion of its ends but without the necessary stairss to set it into action ( Kuczmarski, Middlebrooks & A ; Swaddling, 2000, p21 ) .Without fail hazard antipathy is the most frequent barrier to invention. Most companies inform employees that they merely will non digest failure. The challenge of equilibrating the demand for success with the demand to accept hazard can be dashing ( Kuczmarski et al.

, 2000, p23 ) . Knight ( 1971 ) suggests that invention is hazardous because advanced actions aimed at the hereafter ever confront uncertainness. Innovation can make human resource hazard as explained by Henrik ( 2007 ) that there was an ever-present hazard of losing cardinal people particularly technically skilled forces ; this is due to the fact that certain undertakings possibly neglected to help the companies in making their advanced ends. He besides found that there was a hazard of senior employees retiring with indispensable accomplishments because of the force per unit area to develop and larn new imposts at a ulterior phase in their callings than they expected.Harmonizing to Marnix ( 2006 ) , directors can non foretell precisely the result and reactions of the market, ensuing to uncertainness.

Uncertainty makes it difficult to obtain long-run internal support and resources. A model was developed by Pearson used for analyzing and understanding uncertainness in the invention procedure. The model was developed due to research in instance surveies in technological invention with companies like 3M, Pilkington ‘s float glass procedure and Sony ‘s Walkman, Pearson divided uncertainness into two: Uncertainty about terminals and uncertainness about agencies ( Trott, 2005, p.79 )


An applied research that seeks to work out advanced jobs in PMS electrical fabrication company by supplying information that will ease an appropriate concern determination doing procedure with respects to new merchandise development. This will be achieved by using both primary and secondary methods in conformity with the non-repetitive redundant steps ( REF ) .In the words of Franklin D.

Roosevelt, ( Kemp & A ; Kemp, 1994 )“ It is common sense to take a method and seek it. If it fails, seek another, admit it honestly and seek another. But above all, seek something ”Primary informations will be collected through multiple pick questionnaires from a sensible sample size and analysed statistically utilizing the SPSS tool to prove for significance and other relevant trials to look into for mistakes. An unfastened ended interview with the main executive of the company is really critical to the result of the research in measuring the research objectives.

The unfastened ended pick will let elaborate information refering the company.Secondary methods will affect reappraisal of literature in the country of survey including invention procedure, Nigerian economic system for a given period and how it evolution period into the fabrication sector, part and chances, concern environment and its effects on productiveness, fabrication sector and other pertinent literature.The questionnaires will seek to reply inquiries in these countries of the company ‘s ‘ selling, merchandise image, quality control, natural stuff sellers, replaceability of the current natural stuff, repositing, options to inconsistent power supply, nature of production.Besides the research will use one of the invention theoretical accounts to the concern, as mentioned earlier the Pearson ‘s model will applied in the country of uncertainness. Early theoretical accounts regarded invention as a additive procedure driven by either engineering push or market pull, although subsequently theoretical accounts recognized that success was dependent on the yoke of both with feedback cringles ( Tidd, 2006 )


The major restriction foreseen is clip restraint for the ground that a farther research on other little concerns would heighten the consequences obtained as one company can non be a criterion for an full industry in mensurating their advanced productiveness.

Besides response clip of the questionnaires depends on the respondents, which to a great extent will impact the research.Another major challenge is recovering information on the Nigerian economic system. Unlike industrialised economic systems, information can be easy accessed, but in Nigeria, for illustration, companies are required to register their one-year returns within 42 yearss of their AGM ( Annual General Meeting ) and at that place, as in many states, they can be inspected by any member of the populace on payment of a fee but the deficiency of consistence and, in peculiar, the deficiency of any specialised concern databases, unhappily makes retrieval of company study information from rather hard. Added to this job is the fact that some companies in Nigeria have Web sites that are perpetually ‘under building ( Adeloye, 2001 ) .Furthermore, the challenge of cogency and dependability of the research methods is overriding in any research. This research will be valid when the consequences really measure what is supposed to be measured achieved by commanding the variables, hence being moderately certain the consequences from the trial is due to the trial variables.

Such a consequence would be valid. Dependability is the chance that the research would obtain the same consequences if repeated in the same manner. This research would hold dependability if the consequences can be duplicated systematically. Fortunately, both cogency and dependability can be increased through proper research design ( Kemp & A ; Kemp, 2004 ) .


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