Introduction:Information etc.) Mobile application or mobile app

Introduction:Information System is a technology for generating, sending, receiving, storing, processing electronic combination. It may be a combination of hardware, software, Infrastructure and trained personnel organized to control and make a decision in an organization. Evolution:History of Information System(IS) Information Systems have been around since long time; People have always been the backbone of IS.

1970 – Programming in COBAL (Business Oriented Language) • Using Mainframe computers • Centralized Computers and data • Systems were tied to a business functions like payroll, inventory, billing.1980 -PC support, Basic networking • Main Focus Was to automate existing processes • PCs and LAN’s are installed • Departments are set up own computer systems • End –user computing with word processors and spreadsheets makes department less dependent on the IT department.1990 – Network support, systems integration, database administration • Wide Area Networks has come into existence. • No more stand-alone system. 2000 – Internet & Intranet • WAN Increase through Internet After 2000 – Present • Internet, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc.

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. Lot of trends has been evolved day after day. 21st century has been outlined by application of and advancement in info technology. info technology has become associate integral a part of our existence. in keeping with info Technology Association of America, info technology is outlined as “the study, design, development, application, implementation, support or management of computer-based info systems.” Number of the trends within the info technology area unit as follows: Cloud Computing One of the foremost talked concerning construct in info technology is that the cloud computing.

vaporization computing is outlined as utilization of computing services, i.e. computer code additionally as hardware as a service over a network. Typically, this network is that the net.Trends: Mobile Application Another rising trend among info technology is mobile applications (software application on good phone, tablet, etc.) Mobile application or mobile app has become a hit since its introduction.

they’re designed to run on Smartphone, tablets and alternative mobile devices. they’re offered as a transfer from numerous mobile operative systems like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, etc. a number of the mobile app area unit offered free wherever as some involve transfer value. The revenue collected is shared between app distributor and app developer.

 User Interfaces User interface has undergone a revolution since introduction of bit screen. The big screen capability has revolutionized means finish users act with application. This screen allows the user to directly act with what’s displayed and additionally removes any intermediate hand-held device just like the mouse. Usage of Touch screen capability is increased & used in good phones, tablet, info kiosks and alternative info appliances. Analytics The field of analytics has fully grown several folds in recent years. Analytics could be a method that helps in discovering the informational patterns with information. the sector of analytics could be a combination of statistics, programming and research. The field of analytics has shown growth within the field of knowledge analytics, prophetic analytics and social analytics.

 Conclusion:This proves information system is an efficient tool in conducting business activities. Information systems usage has improved company management through overtime.  All managements have embraced information systems in performing business activities since they are efficient. Mostly businesses adopted systems to gain benefits in their areas of specialization.


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