Introduction with local home chefs around the

Introduction Forseveral years, platforms have existed. Companies link supply and demand, suchas the daily newspaper or shopping malls.

However, the relation between supplyand demand has changed this century, due to new technologies. Thesetechnologies reduced the need for companies to actually own certain assets. ITmakes scaling and building up platforms less complex and less expensive, whichallows network effects to strengthen, and improves the capability to analyzeand trade measures of data that can increase a platforms’ value (Van Alstyne, Parker& Choudary, 2016). Digital platforms are viewed as the primary cause of thetransformation to a digital economy, as these platforms use highly developedtechnologies, match supply and demand in exceptional ways and are mainlydata-driven.

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Digital platforms have an important characteristic, as they do notsell content, products or services themselves. Instead, they are offeringaccess to their digital software. These digital platforms are part of the so-calledsharing economy (Schor, 2014). Thousands of digital platforms have been foundedin the last decade, in all kinds of industries. Uber and Airbnb are the mostknown examples of these platforms; however, platforms can be started in anytype of asset. The community marketplace Bonappetour, for example, connects travelersand tourists with local home chefs around the world for a unique home-diningexperience (Bonappetour, n.d.

). Digital platforms have been acknowledged for theirconstructive impact on the economy. On the other hand, these platforms can alsobe perceived as disruptive to the economy. As companies like Uber can affectthe taxi drivers, Bonappetour might affect many restaurants and tourist bars.Therefore, a company like Bonappetour may cause issues that affect many other companiesand people around the world. Although sharing economies and digital platformscan have a significant contribution to the economy, such as increasing socialcapital, these same platforms can also destroy the undersized non-technologicaleconomy (Van Alstyne et al.

, 2016).This leads to the central research question: To whatextent does Bonappetour have a disruptive effect on the tourism sector?  The research method that will be used to answer thecentral question is a literature review. This literature review will be formedusing a number of academic articles. In the first section, the sharing economyand digital platforms 


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