Introduction to Sociology: Questions Essay

Question 1: If I could chose one deviant act to commit in one day, it would be to skip a shift that I had been scheduled to work at Eskimo Joes, or in other words, purposely not go to work. By skipping my shift without having another employee willing to pick it up, or without notifying a manager that I would be unable to attend work would result in being suspended for a week from my job or being “written up”.If I were to miss work without any notice the host stand (my current position at Eskimo Joes) would struggle to provide excellent customer service and it would also deplete the rate at which table would be sat.

Question 2: My family, one of my primary groups provides myself with emotional support by continuously standing by my side to comfort me and support my decisions as I grow up. For example, when a good friend of mine had passed away, my family was the first to offer my support and peace of mind to help overcome a tragedy in my life.By raising me in a strict and protective environment, my family (parents) contributed to my socialization process by teaching and conforming me to the values and morals of my family. Growing up with an older brother and sister, they taught me how to adapt and conform to different schools, making new friends and how to properly socialize with other people of society. Norms in my family, such as daily chores, attending church on a regular basis and maintaining good grades helped to conform myself to society.Question 3: Northern Oklahoma College can be called a bureaucracy because it is a formal organization that has been created to achieve numerous academic goals.

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At the two classes I attend at Northern Oklahoma College, each class has a set goal for academic achievement for the semester and the professors that I have in class work efficiently to make sure those goals are met. In each of my classes there are a set of procedures and an organized record of written performance grades to contribute to making Northern Oklahoma College a successful bureaucracy.


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