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IntroductionBurger Kingstarted its business back in 1954 in Miami, USA. Known for its WHOPPER burger,Burger King is now one of the more recognized fast food restaurants inSingapore with 40 outlets island wide selling burgers and sandwiches at anaffordable price. Burger King ran an advertising campaign in Singapore back in2009. Why I found this campaign interesting is because it received tons ofcriticism both locally and internationally because the advertisement had asexual innuendo twist to it. MarketingCommunication ObjectivesThe like objectiveof their campaign is to create an awareness for their latest promotion. Thispromotion would be selling their new seven inch sandwiches at a promotionalprice.

They wanted to shock and push boundaries and be the topic of discussionamongst the target audience during the limited time the sandwiches areavailable for. CommunicationModel1.     SenderBurger King wantsto sell its burger and sandwiches to target audience who are hungry. It istrying to promote its new “BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER”. Not only is their newsandwich big, it is also delicious as it states “IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY”.

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Burger King also stated the price of the meal, telling its audience it is valuefor money. 2.     ReceiverGeneral publicthat are looking for food fill up their hungry stomach quickly as they do notwant to wait for a long time for it.

People that are on a budget but wants tohave a filling meal may also consider. 3.     Encodingof the messageWords and Visualsare used to encode the message in the advertisement. In the printadvertisement, it shows a blonde female blown away by the size of the newsandwich.

It is so big that her mouth couldn’t fit into it. Words are also usedto emphasize on the size and taste of the burger, as they are bolded and hadbig fonts. With Burger King’s tagline “IT JUST TATSE BETTER”, it re-emphasizethat its burger and sandwiches taste better than others. 4.     Chanelof communicationBurger King postedthis advertisement on their own website, as well as their own retail outlets toinform audience of their promotion. This is to encourage their audience to buytheir sandwiches when they are deciding what they want to eat. They are alsoplaced in MRT stations, one of the places with high human traffic.

Theirpurpose is to make their advertisement get noticed easily. With the high amountof repetition, people will then be aware that Burger King is having thispromotion. 5.     Problemsin decoding processAs Singapore is amore conservative society, a sexual advertisement will not be well received,especially when it is a food advertisement. The advertisement is too sexual asit depicts a similar sexual position, making it an “adult” rated advertisement.This caused problems for women and especially kids whom are curious at theirage.CreativeStrategy and Creative StrategyThe Big Idea ofthis advertisement would be that the new “BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER” is very bigand taste so good that it will blow people’s mind away. This is shown in theadvertisement using the reaction of the blonde women face.

Along with itscampaign theme “IT JUST TASTE BETTER”, it is suggesting that the bigger thesandwich or burger the better it taste. A big sandwich meal for a low priceattracts prospect’s attention as it is value for money. With this in mind, italso helps advertise Burger King as prospect will have a mindset that BurgerKing pricing of their products are reasonable and affordable. InformationalAppeal are used in this advertisement.

It feature their new sandwich and claimsits very big. It also make it competitive for the others restaurants ascustomers are getting more for what they are paying. When comparing the pricewith its competitors, Burger King’s price are cheaper, hence attracting moreattention to this campaign. With food bloggers trying out this new sandwich, itfurther spread awareness to this campaign. In addition, reviews given by bloggerswill help encourage more people to try it out. Burger King also stress on theirown brand, claiming that they taste better than others with its campaign theme.A little of sex appeal is used in this advertisement as the blonde women lookedas though she is in a sexual position.

 Burger King usesImagery and Demonstration to execute the message. Burger King showcased theirnew sandwich image in the advertisement, showing how big the sandwich is. Thisfurther demonstrated when compared with a human mouth. In the advertisement,the blonde mouth could hardly fit the huge sandwich. PromotionMixBurger King advertisetheir new sandwich by placing posters in their own retail outlets and in MRTstations. In order to create more awareness, Burger King also posted the advertisementon their Facebook page. Burger King also used sales promotion help speed uptheir sales.

A promotional price was quoted as it is introducing its newproduct. This is to encourage people to try and shift to their brand. Couponswere also issued to mailbox to give people more incentive to try theirproducts.  MediaMix StrategyBurger King usesOutdoor as one of its media mix strategy. Posters and coupons are placed attheir own retail outlets and MRT stations. The advantage of this is thatlocation is specific, easily noticed and have high repetition. However it hasshort exposure time. Image have to be zoomed in if not it will be blur.

 Another strategyused is Newspaper. Burger King promote itself under the food category of thenewspaper. This is to make reader hungrier when they read about food and seethe sandwiches from Burger King.

Promoting in newspaper gives high coverage andcan act as a coupon. In addition, the cost is low, meaning more profits forBurger King. However, it has short life and has poor reproduction quality. With over 200thousands likes on their Facebook page, Burger King use social media toadvertise their new Sandwich. This is to get attention from the people and havean interactive relationship 


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