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IntroductionThefocal subject of this paper is about the challenges in the use of technology asa surveillance method to mitigate threats while also ensuring privacy forinnocent law-abiding citizens. It details an issue faced by Apple and its CEOTim Cook after the San Bernardino terrorist attack in 2015. The issue beingthat Apple did not have a backdoor in its devices to allow the FBI andgovernment to access locked devices. Topics to be discussed in the paper·      Apple’saction of not obeying the court order to help law enforcement to unlock thedevices·      Tooutline the potential conflicts of interest between responsibilities tocustomers and society·      Toassess the current US legal landscape and discuss its effects on security andconsumer rights·     An understandingof the role of ethics and social responsibility in the rapidly changing informationtechnology sector·     A furtherunderstanding of the determinants of this construct. ·     The development ofa methodological robustness for studying the constructThereare many debates on whether what Apple is doing what is in the best interestfor not only the customer, but the safety of our country. The moral issue is thatApple has given priority to their user’s security and privacy.

In this case, theprivacy includes some significant pitfalls. NSA guarantees that with the strongerencryption, hoodlums will have the capacity to rely on these methods for evadinglaw enforcement. All the more particularly, the government is concerned that criminalinvestigations, for example, the San Bernardino will be affected due to this.

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Apple must pick what is in the organization’s best advantage and what is mostvital in this circumstance. The outcomes and misfortunes in giving customerssecurity with solid encryptions that law enforcement can’t breach are immense.Our country’s wellbeing is presently traded off now that law enforcement is notany more equipped to get to personal information if necessary to stop terrorismor other criminal acts that place us in peril.

ConclusionApplehas done a great job with amazing and imaginative innovation. Apple has stuckby its six core values: Accessibility, Education, Environment, Inclusion andDiversity, Privacy, and Supplier Responsibility. All the more particularly tothis case, security. Apple has as of late confronted the issues of securityversus wellbeing. Apple has stuck by security, one of the organization’s corevalue. Protection and security of a client is the most extreme essential thingthe organization can offer right now to a customer, particularly after NSA’sdischarge in 2013 of their surveillance programs. Under these conditions,Privacy should be prioritized over security.

Indeed, the security of ourcountry is vital, it is imperative, however when will we adhere to a meaningfulboundary for protection. Apple has drawn their line at personal devices. The idealapproach is to satisfy the customers and law enforcement, however there isn’tone. 


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