Introduction: HDTV among developed as well as

Introduction: Fixed satellite services (FSS), are used for broadcasting.They use geosynchronous satellites for achieving their purpose. FSS areemployed in several household and commercial usages like TV and radio, as wellas governmental, military organizations, and enterprises of all types and sizesfor telecommunication, and satellite communication.

They prove to be a valuablesource of collection of information to national intelligence and securityorganizations and also assist them in the fight against crime and terrorism.Specific FSS satellites generally require large dish-styleantennas for reception but have a low power output. They have lower power incomparison to direct broadcasting satellites. An FSS works on three bands: C-band (a radio frequency band lying between 500 MHz to 1GHz)Ku-band (the portion in the electromagnetic spectrum thatlies within the microwave frequencies range of 12 to 18 gigahertz (GHz).

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Thesymbol is short for “K-under”).Ka-band (ectromagnetic spectrum defined as frequencies inthe range 26.5–40 gigahertz (GHz)) Market Dynamics: There is an increasing demand for high-quality video andvoice services today.

To cater to this need Satellite TV providers are alsolaunching their own satellites or forging partnerships with other satelliteproviders. Their chief market driver comprises the usage of transponders intelevision industry. One major factor to consider is that an investment in anysuch Satellite Services require a very high capital investment.

The mandate for fixed satellite servicetransponders has been increasing because of the increasing popularity of HDTVamong developed as well as developing countries. Furthermore, there is moredemand for 3D channels that have a 40-50% higher bandwidth requirement comparedto HDTV channels. Market Segmentation: Segments based on service category: ·       Managed Services ·       Wholesale ServicesSegments based on Service market: ·       TV channel broadcast, ·       Telecom backhaul·       Broadband services·       Content and video distribution·       Military satellitecommunication Geographic analysis: The Ka-bandis used predominantly in North America to serve the needs of the government,media, and network users. Where, Bell TV and DirecTV satellite (fleet of 14active satellites- increased HD capacity in USA and Canada) are the majorsatellite TV providers. It provides a higher bandwidth and frequency comparedto the other bands.

Satellite Fixed Services are also used in other Key regionsof- • APAC • Eastern Europe and Russia• Latin America• Middle East and Africa• North America• Western Europe Key Players: •Embratel’s Star One • EutelsatCommunications• SKYPerfect JSAT Holdings•Space-Communications • ABS• APTSatellite Holdings• Arabsat• AsiaSat• Hispasat• IndianSpace Research Organization


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