Introduction a service business and I am

Introduction Cookit now…is for everyone who want to cook but with adifferent taste. The main reason that I want to start my cooking business thateveryone has a different penchant for cooking and even many people don’t know how to cook. The main reason for creating this company isthat I had a variety of food made by my mother and I want others to taste thesame as I tasted those delicious foods.

By this way my recipes will spreadworld wide. My online cooking lesson will help those novice who want to start their career a s a chef…a master chef. Many females who are housewives and leading theirlife successfully it will be a boon for them as well because they are ones whoare taking care of their family specially when it comes to food. I know manydishes which canbe cooked instantly. So it will be a great favor for the housewives to makethose dishes for their kids. Thousands of persons are living without theirfamily outside for their jobs and they miss the food of home so they can alsolearn from My managing and communication skills will help toboost my business.

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Students can take my lessons online or they can login andaccess my recorded videos.   OwnershipMybusiness is a service business and I am the CEO as well as I will the soletrader. There is no partnership required for my business. It will be a one manshow. There is very less money required to start my business that I can ask myparents to lend me.

The only thing I have to do is to make a very interactivewebsite named where my would bestudents (housewives, trainee chef etc.) will learn online about the differentcooking styles. This making of website will cost me around AED3000. I have toassist a software developer to help me in digital marketing because at theinitial level I need someone to promote me online. At home I have to fix a bigroom as my kitchen where all the necessary things will be present. 3 -4 cameraswill also be fixed at some specific angles to record my cooking.

So as a wholeI will be the only one owner of my company AED5000 will be required to start mybusiness. It is my spirit that boost my confidence to take risk and to dothings differently.I havedecided to start this business because I am self-capable. The only issue I willface that is a good start. For this purpose I will need a person who can helpme in digital marketing. I would like to involve my mother in this businessbecause her taste is super.

               Marketing mix: Product It isonly a single website and an app called the unique selling pricefor my business is delicious taste, different food items, easy to cook andmanage recording can be seen and recipes are also available. Cookitnow app andwebsite will provide online cooking lesson previously recorded lessons witchcan be downloaded after being subscribed to my website

My recipes can alsobe shared among the people who subscribed.  Branding Iknow that it’s not an easy task to attract people who are interesting incooking and different make my online business famous I will be doing agood strategy to attract people to my business. My company will be having alogo and I will find some good personalities of the field of hotel managementto promote my website.

A software developer will help me for digital marketing.i know that it will be only the mouth publicity which will work for me. PriceMy onlineclasses will be of 30 aed and maximum people can subscribe after paying onlinerecorded classes can also be seen only by subscribing at the same rate i willrelease DVD’s of my cooking classes as well which will result in a good fortunecost of one DVD will be aed 50 and it will comprise 10 lessons. Activity cost One online class AED 30 Recorded class AED 30 DVD AED 50 (10 lessons)  Iwill take 2 classes per day and 5 days a week.

If at least 50 people aresubscribing daily it will be around AED 1500 and weekly it will be AED 7,500and monthly it will be AED 30,000. In addition, my recorded classes and DVD’swill also earn me a good profit.         PromotionMyonline classes require promotion because it is not an easy task to be famous inthe beginning of the business I need the help of a person who is expert indigital marketing .he will be doing online advertising for me and my website onfor example :google ,YouTube videos, Facebook, yahoo ,etc. and if someonesearch for the food and recipes my website name will at the first of the namesof the websites .I will hire this person and salary would be on percentagebasis because at the start I have to struggle to establish myself. So therewon’t be any pressure to give an amount to a person who is helping me in mybusiness.  He will be advertising me andmy website using some pictures, food items and logo.

  Place/DistributionThere is no shop required for my business as I will be operating from myhome. Its all about online promotion and subscribing. I can achieve a goodprogress in my business of the help of digital marketing for with I am verymuch sure.

So there is no need of any shop or anything. But my recorded DVDswill also be available on my website for which interested people have to payonline.  Sources of Finance To establish my business at homeI need to fix a room with all new utensils, safety measures for example: fireextinguisher and decorations for the viewers to attract in my lessons/classes.For all these purpose, I need of AED3000 with I will lend of my parents. Mybusiness will be profitable in a month only were hundred’s if people learn fromme about cooking there is no need of bank loan or the help of the government.

 ConclusionI thinkmy business will be successful and soon it will make money because it is one ofit own kind and there are very less people in this business my differentcooking styles and lessons to housewife’s, trainee chef and the persons who isstaying outside abroad will be a boon for my business I am very much confidentof my skills and my strategic plan for digital marketing. I amnot doing any harm to anyone with my business nor even harming naturalrecourse’s in any way I am not piloting air, water or soil in any way the way Iwill give my class will be base In the requirement of my students and even Iwill not force them to subscribe for me or my website it will only help them toincrease in cooking skills so by this way my product, services. It isonly me who is working for my business and doing all the work including buyingraw food, fixing cameras and making strategies for my business to develop and flourish,the person who is helping me in digital marketing is working only one or twohours In a day and he is not overwork for his contribution he has been givenspecific percentage from profit so by this way use of labor recourses isethical. In mybusiness, natural recourses are safe only very small amount of water vapor willbe produced. The amount of water I will be using it will be according to theneed of food items and foods don’t consume much water.

The left-over of fooditems like peels of vegetable and fruits biodegradable witch can be easilydecomposed by microorganisms resulting in good soil fertility so overall mybusiness very ethical in context of natural recourses. ReflectionIhave chosen as services because I want others to taste the sameway I tasted thousands who are living alone will find some tasty food manyhousewife’s will find different alternatives for their husband as well as kids,trainee chef is also my target because they want to cook differently to settlethem self on food industry.Theonly issue I had in writing process was about price of my services. I spent onewhole day discussing with my mom and brothers she made me understand thatprices should be reachable for everyone and your main students will come frommiddle class of the society.Yes,I have met all my requirement of my assessment including introduction,marketing mix, price, promotion and as well as ethical issues related tonatural resource, labor and price.If Ihave to start it all again I would like to start with the financial sourcesbecause any business is based on the financial it receives.


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