Intro:-Good do better? All of this technology

Intro:-Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Is it possible, a human who is not born but is created? Its been long since I devoted my time to the undiscovered universe of robotics. Over the years, humans have evolved like they did hundreds of years ago but, today is the start of a new age. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s an absolute honour for me to welcome you to this new age of robots, “A NEW RENAISSANCE”.

Body:- “Can´t we do better!” all these years of work and research and still a dearth of technology. It has been a long wait, but here it is. Let me introduce you to “Xenos”. A humanoid built in consideration of any work, he’s not just a humanoid, he’s my friend, my creation. Now what made me start working on a humanoid project. All this goes back 50 years, 19 brave firefighters lost their lives trying to extinguish a fire. A number of us who are in the robotics field see these events in the news, and the thing that touches us very deeply is a single kind of feeling which is, can’t we do better? All of this technology that we work on, can’t we apply that technology to do much better? And you know what I think, the answer is yes!Living in a metropolitan world hasn’t a day passed by when we want someone to serve us the best coffee one can make. Time has come when humans won’t need to work.

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We are about to take your living to the next level. Xenos is typically the best robot ever going to be built in its league. Xenos is made of a strange matter. Initially made by me, known as plasti-thene, it is said to be indestructible, or just what my scientists blabber about it.Xenos is the revolution, but that doesn’t stop us from leading it. Xenos is a multi-tasking bot: It can be used in any field of interest. He can do all that a human can and more. He feeds on electricity.

This andro-humanoid is bound by the laws and regulations of the country to exhibit a peaceful nature with the society. Where he has a razor sharp memory and can memorize an entire telephone directory by just running through the pages, his upgraded software gives him the ability to comprehend and exhibit human emotions. Several groups of people have already started earning fortunes, and now, it’s your turn to earn.Ever put yourself in the shoes of an outlaw, Xenos can typically blend in whatever situation you put him in. What we simply call disguise is the new big thing now.

After multiple tests ran over to check the sensitivity of the android, it is seen that Xenos aces all. His skin can change its form giving him a new look. All these years we have thought about flying, which is not going to happen without safety. Xenos is slim like most of us, can we fit a jet engine into our body? No! But our innovation makes it easy for Xenos.

The strands of its complex DNA makes it easy to change his back into a typical jet engine, allowing it to fly at an astounding high speed. When the law enforcement department gets its hand over Xenos it would take it to the next level. We let Xenos a top-level clearance to hijack the electromagnetic waves. It can control any hardware in a matter of seconds. He can listen to any phone call with no dilemma.

This could also eliminate the crime on a major level. Every cop carries a gun for its defense, but Xenos carries a mag full of bullets. when armed, Xenos can shoot a bullet from the gun gesture with a flick of his thumb. We all know fighting crimes can go a bit dirty that why we created Xenos.

It needs high -water and fire resistantconclusion:-Our ability to create robots and intelligent software is still very primitive, in many ways. Robotics is almost literally in its infancy. While the hardware is just learning to walk properly and use fine motor control, the software is still learning to read at the level of an elementary-school student. After a long way covered machines can now meet and exceed human capabilities. Still, progress is deceptively quick, and the odds are good that in your lifetime, you’ll continue being surprised by the leaps and bounds that machines make. 


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