Into the Wild Essay

In the Novel, Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, an obeidiant teenage boy abandoned his life and family and headed on his way to start his new life.

This is a true story of a young man named Christopher Johnson McCandless who once in 1990, graduated from Emory University. Before leaving his past life, he emptied out his bank account and gave it all to charity. He unexpectedly abanoned his identity and disappeared from all his friends and family. Chris thought his parents were going to stop him from leaving or “running away”, so he wanted to hold his mail for a month before it was sent to his parents.So that gave him sufficient time to leave for some unknown reason. In the story, you can tell that he was angry with his parents for a while. Feeling secretly about his parents tempted him to send Chris on his way to an adventure.

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The time that his parents searched all over for him, he traveled along the USA, accepting the charity of people he met along his travel, changing his name to “Alex”. In Into The Wild, Chris breaks many social norms. In the book, it describes how he carelessly threw his life away.He was unprepared, lacked survival skills, had no knowledge of the area, ignored the advice of locals and didn’t even carry a compass. Into the first chapter of the book, Chris came from an upper-middle class family, and decided to throw his life away and hitch hike all over the United States. He was picked up by an electrician named Jim Gallien. Jim offered Chris food, work boots and to buy him “some decent gear” but Chris turned down his offer.

Jim tried talking him out of such a foolish journey, seeing that Chris is very unprepared.Chris McCandless graduated from Emory University, and shortly after that, he broke another social norm. Chris had money saved in the bank, and instead of using that for his journey, he donated all of it to a charity. Chris threw everything he basically had away, to start a new fresh life throughout his travel. He did not have any money to buy food or have any place to stay, so he stayed in several people’s houses in each state he traveled to. In Salton City, California, January 1992, he met Ronald Franz, an old man who lost his wife and child.

He also recovered from being an alcoholic and soon then, became a Christain. Chris and Ronald developed a father-son relationship. A few months after staying there, Chris decided to leave. Ronald offered him to stay and to adopt him, but Chris turned down the offer. When he reached Teklanika River, He broke the third social norm. Chris wanted to stay on the move in the bush, but he realized that the terrain wasn’t easy to navigate. He never traveled more than fifteen miles beyond the bus.

Little did he know, from lacking the knowlege of the area, the bus was near civilization.In July, he went out into the wild but the Teklanika River trapped him in, so he returned to the bus. If Chris were to have a map to the area, he would have been able to get out sooner when he planned to. Since he assumed he was trapped, he stayed on the bus for three months and later died from starvation.

His mistakes left him as arrogant and ridiculously ill prepared. Chris was a victim of his own stupidity and lack of common sense. I believe that Chris McCandless went into the wild to search the inner country of his soul and to find out who he really was.

He later finds out that the struggle for survival needed the knowlege he didn’t have. He had the misfortune to perish, because his obsession to test himself beyond safety had gone terribly wrong. Although he broke many social normas and made mistakes runinning off alone without any decent supplies, I do admire his ideals. I admire the fact that he had courage to give up on society and live an unorganized life in search for self-discovery. On the other hand I agree with those who criticise Chris for the way he just threw his life. He was unprepared and ignored the advice of locals.

If he were to listen, he would have survived.


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