Interview Research Paper Essay

I had a great opportunity to interview a person that is close to the career choice that I would like to enter. The person I interviewed does do not work doing exactly what I want to do but it is closely related. The person I interviewed is Amy Blount she works as a office manager for Jacksonville Pediatric Associates. The information I gathered from interviewing her was very helpful to me to really understand more about the clerical side of the health care field. Even though Amy works as a office manager she has other areas of experience in the medical field.

Conducting this interview I have realized that this career can be more hectic than I had ever imagined but I also realized that it can be very enjoyable and rewarding at the end of the day. Amy has worked in the medical field for eight years. She started out as a medical assistant, she than started doing billing and than moved into a managing position. A typical day of managing this doctor’s office consists of a lot of paperwork, filing out FMLA papers, Asthma and allergy plans, and managing refills for ADHD medications. The work hours are generally from 9:30 to 5:30.Sometimes there may be overtimes involved if a patient is late getting in for an appointment. The biggest challenges that she faces is having to deal with the technology updates.

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Just recently they have updated their appointment scheduling system. It has been a challenge for her having to deal with learning Interview Research Paper 2 the new system and train the rest of her staff on the system. She says the system crashes and has created all kind of issues. The other challenge that she has is dealing with patient’s that come in and have no appointment and get upset because they can not be seen due to not having any availability.Another challenge is sometimes patient’s do not have insurance and get upset when they have to pay for services.

The people she has to assist on a daily basis are patients of parents, she also manages a staff of about six people, and also has doctor’s that she has to work with as well. Sometimes she is pulled in many different directions at one time. Having to deal with so many different people the skills for being an office manager is definitely to have patience, compassion and to be a fast learner.Things are always changing as far as insurance and technology so you have to be open for change at any time. Even though at times her job can be demanding and stressful at the end of the day it can be very rewarding as far as dealing with children and babies. A lot of times she can help parents out with no insurance by informing patient’s of programs that can assist with low cost insurance.

She loves children and loves being able to help them and here parents. Every day is a different day and is presented with different challenges. The job she has is not boring as there is always something going on.During the interview it was hard to complete because we kept having to stop because a Interview Research Paper 3 doctor was needing her or a patient. Even though it is a demanding and sometimes a stressful environment she says she would not change it for anything. This interview really made me feel like going into the medical field is the right thing for me. I have always wanted to be with a nurse but have a weak stomach and don’t feel that I would be able to work so closely with patients. In this career you still get to work with patients just on the other end of the scope.


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