Interview Mother About Sex Essay

In my family we do not often talk about the so odd topic, “sex”. We are an open family but talking about, “sex” is such a weird topic to each other; we all know we have all experienced it but have never discussed it with one or another. I was a little unease to talk about my mother about this huge topic and surprised her a bit when I did. My mom is currently 42 years old and was a teen mother, at the age of 17, same age as I am now.I have heard stories about her struggle growing up and what she has gone through but I never exactly asked how and why did she decide to have my eldest sister at the age of 17 because of the whole “sex” topic. Honestly, my parents have never ever had the “sex” talk with me before so this is one of the firsts. As I slowly walk up to my mother in our kitchen, all I can hear is my heart beat racing faster and faster, me looking nervous.

My mother asks, “What’s wrong? ” I reply and say, “I have a huge topic to ask you and it might be a little awkward. She pauses for a second and looks very confused because of the anticipation of me asking, “What do you truly think about sex? ” My mom looks a bit skeptical telling me but in all honestly it wasn’t that hard to ask her in the end. My mom of course sits down with me and tells me, she’s OK about sex, it’s a normal healthy thing that two people who love and/or care for each other do. She believes you should only have sex with someone who also feels the same for you.I’m thinking, whoa, I did not expect her to say that at all… I thought she would avoid me and say, “NEVER HAVE SEX OR TALK ABOUT IT! ” My mom has always taught me to be smart and never make the same mistakes that she has done because of course your parents want the best for their children. She made the mistake for herself when she had sex for the very first time, that’s why she was a teen mother at the age of 17; she got pregnant the first time she had sex because she had no protection.She says she is comfortable if I have sex or not because at this age, she knows I’m a mature adult where she does no longer have to hold my hand and try to control my choices but of course help me out, if needed. My mom really surprised me that she felt fully comfortable talking about her past because I know it is really tough for her to even think about it.

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She was a teen mother at 17, then a year later got pregnant again with her second daughter with another man. She doesn’t feel like she regrets it because she says it was all worth it for her three daughters, she has done her best and I also elieve she has done a great job, she’s gone through a lot for us. The way I feel about sex is that you and your partner need to agree and also discuss about how you really feel about each other like my mother said, you two should feel the same for each other, I 100% agree. My discussion with my mom helped me understand more of what she’s exactly gone through and show that the first time you have sex, there are high chances you can get pregnant if you are not careful, it can happen to anyone.I feel like my mom and I both agree on a lot of things toward sex, we do not have any conflicts about it at all nor disagree with each other. I felt like this whole topic was such a disaster to talk about with my mom but in the end I learned, it’s just my mom, I should be comfortable to talk to her all of the time no matter what the situation or issue is.

I know she will always be there for me and never try to judge me as a person, only here to help me out whenever needed. I love my mom; she’s the best.


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